Announcement – DNS Policy Change

In an ongoing effort to improve service to customers, Contegix will be making some upgrade infrastructures to our core DNS services. Effective October 20, 2007, Contegix will be making changes to cache value, called TTL, of all DNS records to one hour (3600 seconds). In the past, most TTL values were set at 24 hours except during migration or changes where this value was lowered in order to minimize downtime. This was the Contegix default.

Hopefully, these FAQ below will help answer any questions:

Q: Why is Contegix making this change?

A: This change is being done in order to help facilitate quicker changes to customer DNS records. Customers previously had to wait up to 24 hours to see the change replicate among all DNS servers throughout the Internet. With the change, this time has been shortened to 1 hour.

Q: According to the Wikipedia link, lower TTLs cause heavier loads on the name servers. Is the infrastructure capable of handling this?

A: Absolutely. The core Contegix DNS infrastructure is capable of handling this load and much higher. Current name servers are sitting approximately 99% idle with an average response time of 5-8 milliseconds. This level is being held even with TTLs at 600 seconds or lower for over 4,000 DNS records. In addition, the change for reverse DNS (IP to hostname lookup) has been using the new value for over 6 months with no noticeable load difference.

Q: Will Contegix still allow custom TTL values – lower and higher?

A: Absolutely. Contegix will continue to offer customers the option of having lower and higher TTL values. Contegix remains one of the few providers who allow TTL with values below one hour. Please file a support request if you wish to have a different value set for an entry after the changeover.

Q: What action do customers need to take?

A: Unless the customer has specific TTL requirements, no action is needed upon the part of the customer.

Q: What if I do not host my DNS with Contegix?

A: No changes are required on your side.

Q: I like what I hear about Contegix’s redundant DNS infrastructure. Can I move my domain(s) there?

A: Contegix provides DNS hosting as part of our services. You are welcome to move your DNS hosting to us. Contact support at your convenience and the engineers will guide you through the process. Please do not change your DNS until you have contacted support and planned a migration strategy.

As always, thank you for your continued business. We look forward to helping you build the best infrastructure available. As promised, this is one additional announcement on our continued improvements to drive more customer value.