Atlassian Applications: HipChat’s Basic Service is Expanded

logoHipchatPNGFor those of you that don’t already know, the basic service from Atlassian’s HipChat has now been expanded to allow unlimited users. HipChat is a private instant messaging service geared specifically towards businesses. Previously, HipChat’s free service was only available for teams of up to five people.

Users of HipChat’s free service have a file storage capacity of 5GB and text messages are searchable up to the last 25,000 sent — or about six month’s worth for the average team of five — the article stated. According to Atlassian, the service was changed so that more businesses could see how good a chat program designed specifically for businesses could be. Additionally, there was a desire to make it easy for teams to try the service without worrying about credit cards, invoices, and expense reports.

The HipChat paid subscription service has also been changed. The new subscription service is called HipChat Plus. With unlimited storage and a fully searchable text history that includes even messages sent when teams were using the free service, HipChat Plus also now offers video chat and screen sharing. HipChat was acquired by Atlassian in 2012, and is just one of the many applications the company provides.

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