10 Ques for MSP ButtonLet our Managed Services lift your technology burden. Contegix offers a wide array of premium Managed Services that allow you to remain focused on your business instead of managing your technology. From data protection and back-ups, to firewalls and 24/7 system management and monitoring, Contegix delivers it all using only the most experienced personnel, the best equipment, and the most effective redundancy possible.

These Managed Services are all delivered with our renowned Go Beyond support and service. They will allow you to rest assured knowing that your data is safe, your site is up, and your applications are monitored, optimized and in working order.


Operating System Management

With Operating System Management, rest assured that your applications are being managed, monitored and optimized by Contegix engineers 24/7 with Go Beyond support and service.

Virtualization Management

Let our team configure your current IT infrastructure to expand your existing IT resources without incurring the costs of physically expanding infrastructure.

Managed Data Protection

There are few things more important than data protection. Contegix offers multiple solutions for backing up and protecting your data so it is always safe and reliable.

DNS Management Services

Leverage our partnership with Dyn, the worldwide leader in DNS Management, to take control of your DNS, reduce latency, ensure the highest levels of availability and optimize traffic management.

Firewall & VPN Services

Contegix’s engineers will develop custom solutions to maintain secure firewalls and protection for all your technology needs.

Load Balancing

Our Load Balancing services unify your infrastructure, therefore evenly distributing energy to ensure availability and efficiency among your website and applications.

Multi-Site Infrastructure & Replication

For the highest level of uptime and data protection, multi-site infrastructure and replication offers continuous access to customer applications and data.

Atlassian Disaster Recovery

Our Atlassian DR solution creates a compressed copy of your Atlassian database and attachments, available for you to restore your instance at any time, at a fixed, manageable cost.


what our customers say

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“Contegix has been terrific from my point of view. They are very responsive to the issues we raise and to the times that we propose to have maintenance occur. They seem to always be on. I have not had a problem getting a hold of them day or night and all the work they do is done correctly.”

- Steve Masover, Information Technology Architect, University of California Berkley


“With Contegix we were able to get really good answers to the questions we were asking from the people who clearly knew the technology very well. That turned out to be beneficial throughout our relationship because as we went live with the system, it was always very easy to get access to really smart people with great advice and really good information, which had not been the case with our prior hosting providers.”

- Geoff Coffey, Owner, Six Fried Rice