Contegix Hires Chief Revenue Officer

The following Press Release was issued today announcing a new addition to our executive team. John Emard joins Contegix as our new Chief Revenue Officer. He brings with him a wealth of talent and experience, and we are very excited to welcome him to the team. Contegix Hires Chief Revenue Officer John Emard joins cloud application… Read more »

Diversifying Development

While there have been strides to bridge gender gaps in technology, it’s no secret that the tech industry is male-dominated. Women only represented about 25 percent of the U.S. tech industry in 2015. However, women in technology can prove beneficial when they are included on the team, and development teams can leverage women to enhance… Read more »

Why Service Desk Teams Choose JIRA Service Desk

In today’s competitive markets, being able to set your company above the rest in both customer service and online resource availability is an essential part of building a sustainable future. Creating a seamless customer experience while managing efficient internal processes to support it has become a high priority for service desk teams looking to meet… Read more »

Your Drupal Site has been Hacked….Now What?

It’s finally happened. Your Drupal site has been hacked. There’s a lot to do, but what it all boils down to is, you need to clean up your website and prevent further hacks. But you’re not here for the short answer. You want to know how to clean up and prevent. Here’s how: Step 1:… Read more »

Safe and Efficient Application Migration

We do a lot of migrations, some require additional work, but most are fairly routine.  That’s because our extensive experience, has allowed us to develop a solid process that helps get you migrated to Contegix Hosting in a safe and well tested manner. With migrations, we can see diverse problems upon import. It can be anything… Read more »

FYI: GitHub’s New Security and Recovery Practices

As a way to thwart malicious access to accounts, GitHub recently announced its new security and recovery practices. Hacking continues to rise, and passwords often are an easy target for hackers to decode. Many passwords often get hacked due to weak combinations or use across different accounts. This makes it easy for hackers to decode… Read more »

5 JIRA Features That Legal Teams Love

Legal teams often have to manage complex processes, review several legal documents and follow up on the progress of tasks and projects. But often these tasks can take too much the legal staff’s time when performed manually. This takes away from the time that’s needed to address other core tasks that require a higher level… Read more »

How to Use JIRA in Lieu of an HR System

HR systems play an integral role in automating repetitive processes, minimizing errors and enhancing overall productivity. But sometimes a complete HR system is not accessible right away or even in the budget. That’s why it’s crucial for HR managers to use an alternative system that can handle HR activities for several employees at once, and… Read more »

Jira VS Trello: Which is right for you?

For growing enterprises and smaller businesses looking to establish themselves, the need to maximize departmental efficiency is paramount. As companies begin to develop their teams over time, many find it beneficial to invest in project management applications to help increase overall productivity and improve collaboration among staff members when completing their assignments. Software solutions like… Read more »

5 Emerging Cybersecurity Threats and How You Can Stay Protected

Over the years, cybersecurity threats against businesses of all shapes and sizes have continued to rise in both scope and severity. Last year alone, cyberattacks cost North American enterprises $1.3 million in total and individual small to medium-size businesses $117,000 on average. With experts expecting to see these staggering figures grow exponentially in 2018, many… Read more »