SSDs vs. M.2 Drives: What You Need to Know

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As SSDs (solid state drives) become more widely available to the public, at even 2TB sizes for laptops, a new trend develops in the world of data storage hardware: the M.2 drive! This has caused quite a bit of upheaval for computer users everywhere. For example, Apple’s latest versions of the Macbook Pro utilize the M.2 drive… Read more »

How Cloud-Based Storage Can Help Small Businesses

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Small businesses have to be incredibly responsive. Unlike large companies, they have few employees and complete varied tasks on a small budget. Cloud-based storage allows small businesses to store an unlimited amount of photos, videos, and documents without purchasing and storing expensive equipment. Employees can also connect at any time with almost any mobile device.… Read more »

Understanding A Very Bad Day on The Internet

As Alexander would say, today has been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day for the Internet. You’ve most likely heard about Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) on the news in relation to a DDoS attack that has taken down a site or service for a period of time.   Fortunately, you’ve probably seldom… Read more »

Hybrid Disk Drives Ease The Transition From HDDs to SSDs


Since its introduction more than a half century ago, the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has been the king of data storage. For decades this technology provided a combination of high capacity, good performance, and low cost that was unmatched. But now there’s a challenger in the arena, the Solid State Disk (SSD). Why SSD technology is starting… Read more »

5 Tech Tools to Transform Learning

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With technology’s constant changes, how can a teacher stay current and keep students interested? Here are five tech tools that can be used to create engaging educational content for the new school year. 1. Virtual Reality (VR) Technology When subjects, such as calculus and chemistry, are difficult to understand, students can become easily distracted or… Read more »

Internet Security Basics for Users

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Sometimes, one of the hardest pieces of ensuring internet security for your business is teaching end users how to maintain security on all of their devices.  So many of them have been lulled into a false sense of comfort.  The internet, to them, is an endless source of information and mindless games.  What’s the worst that can… Read more »

All About Linux

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Linux is an operating system that runs on UNIX similarly to Windows for Microsoft or OSX for Apple. It runs on many types of hardware platforms, and its source code is widely used by the public. Essentially, Linux is the sort of operating system users go to when they want to build software platforms from scratch,… Read more »

10 Tips for Writing a Secure Cloud Computing Agreement


There were 736 million records exposed in data breaches in 2015, which was a record all-time high number. One reason enterprises turn to cloud computing services is for much greater security. Cloud services have far fewer vulnerabilities than on-site systems. Even with the added security advantages of the cloud, there is no such thing as too much… Read more »

IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer: A Fascinating Tool


The IBM Watson Tone Analyzer offers exciting prospects for business and marketing. With this tool, Watson can analyze any text to determine its emotional tone. It looks at each sentence for specific types of language and patterns in order to help writers pinpoint areas in which emotion appears. Then, writers can edit their documents to… Read more »

Contegix Welcomes Doug Anstoetter

Doug Anstoetter

Contegix is pleased to announce the addition of Doug Anstoetter to our team. Doug joined the sales team today as our newest Account Executive.