Open Source 101

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When you download “open source” software, you can be led to believe the software is free and that you can use it and modify it as you please. There are many open source applications with Apache, General Public Licenses (GPL) or Lesser General Public Licenses (LGPL) that millions of users download as a matter of course. Many such… Read more »

Communication Strategy: Cloud Computing and Your Employees


If your business is most like most in 2016, your management team is already communicating the current trend towards full data integration in the cloud. For some organizations, the technology roadmap this year is still a form of hybrid cloud computing as they hang onto older business IT systems. For other organizations, it’s as simple as using a nearly… Read more »

The Changing Testing & Development Environment

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The way software developers work with testers is changing rapidly. Traditionally, the programmers make some changes, test it themselves, and then hand a debugged version to the QA department for serious testing. QA reports back any problems they find, and the programmers fix them. This goes back and forth till the code is solid enough… Read more »

Data Monitoring – The Sentinel Of Your Software

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How do you work within your communications backbone to supervise and monitor your IT systems? It turns out there is an app for that. Or more accurately there is a framework and way of tackling system awareness through data monitoring. Data monitoring is one of the most underrated functions in IT infrastructure and network management. It… Read more »

Repository Hosting: Welcome To Your Developer’s Inner Sanctum


Developers know about repository hosting the way that carpenters understand tool bags; it’s what they work with on a daily basis.  To customers, who rely on the delivery of products and services from the content hosted in a repository, the importance isn’t so obvious. That doesn’t mean that, as a customer, you don’t need to have at least… Read more »

Hidden Costs of DIY Storage & Redundant Infrastructure: Part 2

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Why would you pay for the cloud?  Why not DIY? One of the popular things around right now is DIY storage, NAS and SANs.  Prepackaged small-scale arrays in a box at the computer store.  There are countless “how to” articles on doing large-scale storage using open source software for minimal dollars.  In today’s business world, storage is… Read more »

Hidden Costs of DIY Storage & Redundant Infrastructure: Part 1

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One of the great things about the internet is the availability of a vast amount of information.  A popular topic on some blogs is DIY, or “Do-It-Yourself” projects.  They cover things like how to do your own bathroom remodel, make your own bug spray out of dish soap, even covering a myriad of computing-related projects, and… Read more »

CIO study: Typical Disaster Recovery Plans are Anything but Comprehensive

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The typical SMB, according to Forrester Research, is not conducting monthly disaster recovery (DR) drills: Annual drills, when they occur, are more the norm. Still, most small to medium-size companies do not embrace regular DR programs as part of their overall IT strategies, as noted on the CIO website: “Most enterprises claim they fully exercise their disaster recovery… Read more »

Is the Public Cloud Right for Your Business?


Is the public cloud right for your company? That’s a bit like asking if you prefer slip-on shoes or lace-ups. The answer lies in what you intend to do with them. Is your team constantly building out new servers for testing and dev? Looking for a cost effective solution for storage of non-sensitive data? If that’s the… Read more »