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Hidden Costs of DIY Storage & Redundant Infrastructure: Part 2

Why would you pay for the cloud?  Why not DIY? One of the popular things around right now is DIY storage, NAS and SANs.  Prepackaged small-scale arrays in a box at the computer store.  There are countless “how to” articles on doing large-scale storage using open source software for minimal dollars.  In today’s business world, storage is… Read more »

That’s Not The Kind of Outsourcing We Mean

At Contegix, we believe in the IT outsourcing model — but there’s outsourcing, and then there’s outsourcing. A software developer made headlines recently when it was discovered he was outsourcing his entire job to China, and paying 20 percent of his six figure salary to do it. The outsourcing was only discovered after Verizon conducted… Read more »

The Land Before Cloud


Millions of minutes ago, before smartphones roamed the earth, small business owners could find themselves trapped in a retail computer store for hours in a dizzying fog of confusion.