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Why is Contegix an “Atlassian Expert”?

“DIY” is a great way to save money, but any cost savings come at the price of your lost time. Instead of dealing with your business, you are hammering away at system issues and the 3am support calls. Managed hosting is a good way to save time and money on your end if you can… Read more »

When DBaaS is Right for You

Database as a Service (DBaaS) is a natural fit for cloud computing. Databases are self-contained services, it’s often necessary to access them from multiple locations and different applications, and they often require large amounts of storage that requires careful maintenance. Here are a few instances to help you decide if DBaaS is right for you.… Read more »

Atlassian Hosting Offers More Freedom, Fewer Surprises

Traditionally, web developers test and update software on their company’s own machines and then deploy it with a hosting provider. This can lead to inconvenient surprises when the hardware or operating systems aren’t exactly the same. An increasingly popular alternative is using Atlassian Hosting at all levels. A three-tiered production environment uses a development server, where… Read more »

Why Application Hosting is Becoming the Norm for SMBs

Mobile Devices

Though many professionals understand that application hosting has simple money-saving and productivity boosting benefits; there are other reasons that small and medium-sized businesses implementing application hosting in their IT strategy. Many businesses are still using systems, like legacy systems, that are difficult to integrate with new software and application platforms. While application hosting allows your… Read more »

The Top 5 JIRA Plugins for Agile Teams

For Agile development teams, tracking and managing the project backlog is crucial. Post-it notes tacked on a whiteboard are convenient for planning, but they won’t survive the length of a sprint. That’s why a project management tool like Atlassian’s JIRA is needed. It provides the bug tracking, release planning and project reporting features that teams… Read more »

WordPress Deployment Best Practices

In today’s digital world, people spend all day surfing the web, trading links, clicking ‘like’ on Facebook for other links.  The source of a lot of those links are the millions of random blogs out there on the internet.  A large amount of those blogs are run by the WordPress Blogging platform, which includes many of our customers. WordPress… Read more »

Contegix Customer Tips: Application Migration

We do a lot of migrations, some require additional work, but most are fairly routine.  That’s because our extensive experience, has allowed us to develop a solid process that helps get you migrated to Contegix Hosting in a safe and well tested manner. With migrations, we can see diverse problems upon import. It can be anything… Read more »

Contegix Customer Tips: Atlassian Plugin Issues

Contegix is proud to be an Atlassian Expert Partner and has many customers who rely on our expertise with the Atlassian suite to keep their critical instances of JIRA, Confluence, Stash, etc. running. We make sure your instances are fast, stable, and up to date. With the number of Atlassian instances that we host, we… Read more »

What is an Atlassian Upgrade like with Contegix?

Atlassian Expert Partner

When you are hosting your own Atlassian Apps, upgrades can be the bane of your existence. For those hosting them with Contegix, it’s a breeze…. because we do all the work! Here’s How It Works: From the customer, we request the following information prior to beginning: What specific instance do you want upgraded? (e.g. )… Read more »

Top 3 Apps for Increasing Workplace Productivity

Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets are prevalent in the work place, thanks to bring-your-own device policies and the flexibility of a mobile platform. You likely have several apps on those devices that help make your life run a little more efficiently. There’s the list app you can share with your spouse to collaborate on shopping lists. Then… Read more »