Category: Staff Development

Contegix Welcomes Melissa Goetz

Contegix is pleased to announce the addition of Melissa Goetz to our team. Melissa joined the sales team today as our newest Account Executive.

Contegix Welcomes Alex Ratcliff!

We are pleased to announce the addition of Alex Ratcliff to the Contegix team. Alex is joining Contegix as a 2nd Shift Linux Technical Engineer and started his new role today.  

Flying High with Contegix Support

25 years have come and gone since the first time I looked up at the sky and dreamed of roaring through it under my own command.  As with so many things we dream of when we are young, reality set in and prevented this goal from being achieved.  At long last, I finally gathered the… Read more »

Companies To Admire

I was recently asked the question “What companies do you admire?” In the technology industry, it would be easy to pick the suspected companies – Apple, Oracle, eBay, Square, Atlassian. Many of these companies started as an idea, developed amazing cultures, and have grown to accomplish technical feats that have changed the world. Yet, my… Read more »

The Measure of a Network Professional

What can a network operations professional do to demonstrate proficiency in his work? How do network operations managers assess the performance and potential of someone on their team? What would convince a potential client that a network operations engineer is fully capable to fulfill her project requirements? The answers are more nuanced than one might… Read more »

What Do CIOs Need to Succeed in Today’s Business World?


The position of CIO, or Chief Information Officer, is a highly demanding role. Over time, however, that role appears to be changing.  In the past, a CIOs’ role was often described as directing overall company IT systems and being the lead technical expert for a company.  More and more in today’s world, CIOs now need… Read more »

Why Do Some Startups Lose Their Culture of Innovation As They Grow?


Startups, by their very nature, have a reputation for innovation, new ideas, and fresh thinking. So how does today’s hot new startup become tomorrow’s stodgy, conservative corporation? We’ve previously discussed bridging the innovation gap and how to focus on the five percent that makes your company unique.  But why do so many companies lose sight… Read more »