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SHA-1: What it is and How it Affects You

In a fully expected move over 2 years in coming, the major browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge) have announced they no longer support the SHA-1 cryptographic hashing algorithm, often used with SSL certificates. SSL Certificates are the piece in the web puzzle keeping everything secure, encrypting communications between a user and the… Read more »

Avoiding the Goldilocks Approach when Choosing SaaS

We all do it. We scroll down the list aimlessly in search of what might fit best for the budget, and find several options that look like a good fit on paper, but in the business world are terrible options. This is what we refer to as the Goldilocks approach to choosing software; the method… Read more »

How Frequently Should You Monitor Your Data?

Data, no matter how big, is only useful when it is relevant. Custom metrics are desirable because they allow you to target data points that are most relevant to your business. However, which data points hold the most value and how often should data be monitored? Here are a few guidelines to follow when developing… Read more »

The Best IT Maintenance Is Prevention

Many major IT issues start off as small problems that get ignored until they grow to a disruptive size. This is why companies that utilize a reactive approach often spend more time, money and other resources fixing bigger issues. Instead, preventative maintenance minimizes the impact on the organization by identifying minor concerns and addressing them… Read more »

Servers, Security and Backup: What Does Your Business Need?

Every business is different and has very different needs when comes to its relationship with technology. A home Ebay or Amazon business might just need some basic hardware items like a laptop, printer and digital camera, along with a few SaaS programs, a small backup storage plan, a hosted desktop and simple security and monitoring; while… Read more »

Responding to Ransomware

Identity theft and large-scale data hacks are making headlines, but a lesser known kind of cybercrime may pose a more potent threat to the safety of data stored on systems large and small. Collectively known as ransomware, viruses such as Cryptolocker and Petya bilk millions from computer users around the world with a crude, age-old… Read more »

Internet Security Best Practices

The online world today brings great power, we can click a few buttons and someone thousands of miles away will ship a package to your door. Click a few more and you also have movie tickets purchased for later tonight. Business correspondence is done over emails. Corporate dashboards operate through web browsers. Email, Snapchat, as… Read more »

Testing & Development Environments: Three Aspects to Consider

When developing enterprise-level applications, it is very important that the proper controls are put in place for managing the testing & development environments. Obviously, the goal is to deliver quality software, so several key aspects must be considered.   Consistent Platform Platform specifications are largely dictated by the architects and developers based on the business… Read more »

Store Your Dates in UTC

If you’ve ever been involved with writing a software application that uses dates & times, then you have likely had the pleasure of dealing with date storage. The Problem Any system that stores dates and times which are subject to time zone differences has the potential for “date math” errors. Viewing dates from different time zones,… Read more »

Brute Force Attacks: Protect Yourself with Fail2Ban 

Malicious attacks happen against most anybody who connects to the internet.  They come from all over the world, 24 hours a day.  Some attacks are large, some are small, and others are very sneaky and go undetected.  A lot of attacks can be stopped by properly securing your network, firewall, and devices.  It won’t stop everything,… Read more »