contegix-citrix-partners-logoContegix has partnered with Citrix and uses the Citrix Cloud Platform, powered by Apache CloudStack, to provide the latest and most advanced open source cloud platform. Both MiraCloud and Managed Private Clouds utilize this platform to deliver highly scalable and reliable cloud computing environments. With Contegix’s delivery of CloudPlatform, customers can quickly and easily utilize cloud services and start realizing the benefits of this transformative service delivery model within minutes—without the overhead of integration, professional services and complex deployment schedules.

With Contegix and Citrix Cloud Platform, our customers can take advantage of these key benefits today:

  • Provide users with virtually unlimited computing power —in public (MiraCloud), private or hybrid deployments—that can be accessed on-demand and billed by actual usage.
  • Automate the distribution of compute, network and storage while adhering to defined policies on load balancing, data security and compliance.
  • Simplify and accelerate service delivery by combining self-service provisioning with a catalog of custom-built and pre-defi­ned machine images.
  • Gain real-time visibility and reporting within your cloud environment to ensure compliance, security and comprehensive customer usage metering.
  • Bridge public (MiraCloud) and private cloud paradigms by building on top of a standards-based, open solution that is widely adopted by both service providers and enterprises.