CumuLogic is redefining Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to include a complete platform for running applications in the cloud – not just developing applications, but migrating them to the cloud, managing, monitoring them and metering them.

CumuLogic has been a valuable partner to Contegix and has helped complete our MiraCloud services foundation. As a Citrix Ready partner focused on the service provider space, CumuLogic provides a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software solution that integrates with CloudPlatform and CloudPortal, as well as with the MiraCloud billing system. This optimized integration enables Contegix to offer and charge for self-provisioned services that range from a complete platform stack to MySQL-based Database-as-a-Service (DaaS), load balancing, caching and a variety of other modular services.

The Citrix and CumuLogic solution makes it possible for MiraCloud customers to tailor their cloud offerings. Different classes of solutions let customers choose the right mix of hypervisors, including the default option of Citrix XenServer, KVM or VMware, as well as their preferred application frameworks, infrastructure services and development tools. In addition to Contegix public cloud solutions, customers can leverage the MiraCloud infrastructure for private cloud services. When customers want the agility and flexibility of cloud computing, but need direct control due to corporate policies, business needs or regulatory requirements, they can use the same Citrix-powered cloud infrastructure that supports Contegix public cloud services to provide private cloud services.

Contegix continues to work closely with CumuLogic to address the fast-evolving cloud services marketplace. We at Contegix feel that customers are on the verge of a massive increase in the adoption of cloud services. The technical advances made possible by Citrix CloudPlatform, CloudPortal, and XenServer combined with CumuLogic Cloud Application Platform position us well to help deliver and support companies during this time of rapid growth.

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