Over 10 years experience in Drupal web hosting gives us a distinct edge when providing services to our customers. Our skilled Drupal system administrators have extensive experience in tuning, scaling, and supporting some of the largest Drupal-based environments. We also provide unlimited support for Drupal 7 and higher.

Facing security or compliance requirements for your Drupal site?  Contegix has you covered when it comes to FedRAMP, FISMA, HIPAA or PCI requirements.  As a FedRAMP-authorized partner, we are able to provide you with unbeatable security. Our FedRAMP authorization means improved trustworthiness, reliability, consistency, and quality for your Drupal website.



In addition to taking the burden of management off of your hands, we can also offer painless deployments. Contegix Agility Bundle® supports point and click code, database, and asset deployments between your development, staging, and production environments.