Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

The loss of data can be staggeringly difficult for a business. It can quickly and easily have a negative impact on sales, operations, customer service and a business’ reputation.

With Contegix Data Protection & Recovery, you can rest assured knowing that your data is backed up and protected. We offer all of our customers two traditional service options on a Weekly or Daily basis:

  • OnSite SAN Back-Up System
  • OffSite Tape Storage Back-Up System

We also offer Atlassian Disaster Recovery (DR) for those organizations that want an extra layer of protection for their Atlassian Data. Read More.

Both of the traditional, highly secure solutions are powered by our team of Backup & Data Recovery Specialists, while utilizing CommVaultTM, the industry leader in data protection software.

Our Contegix team of specialists ensures that customer data is backed up and protected. They manage everything from installation and configuration to the backup process itself. If a backup encounters problems, such as locked files or inaccessible data, a specialist addresses the problem immediately as part of our Go Beyond commitment to you. If your situation requires a data restoration, the Contegix support team is available 24/7 to perform the restoration in the timeliest manner possible.

Regardless if you are a Bare Metal, Hybrid Metal or even a Colocation customer, Contegix Data Protection Services are available to you as a managed service!

Onsite SAN Data Storage Solution

All data retrieved for backup is stored on our highly redundant Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructure, located in a secure onsite location. This helps ensure that data is readily available and quickly accessible for fast backups and, more importantly, fast restorations and recovery.

Offsite Tape Storage

Should your business needs require offsite data storage, we have you covered. This optional upgrade securely archives your data to tape. These tapes are categorized, labeled, and stored by a trusted third party in a secure location at the time schedule you choose. This option drastically increases your restoration capabilities in the case of a disaster, in addition to adding long term archival features if needed.

Because Offsite Tape Storage is delivered as a Contegix Managed Service, customers can be certain that Backup & Data Recovery Specialists are delivering this service, from installation to management to tracking failures. This service’s flexibility means that customers are charged based upon their usage. You can add the premium redundancy of Offsite Tape Storage to your data protection plan.

For more information about Onsite SAN and Offsite Tape Data Protection, contact us today.

What is CommVaultTM?

CommVault creates and stores copies of data that can be immediately accessed for rapid recovery. It also utilizes multiple recovery points for added protection and provides hot backup capabilities for modern databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft Exchange among others. With the power of Contegix Backup & Recovery Specialists, the CommVault capabilities are unleashed and allow us to get you back up and running with minimal or no lost time and data. Learn more about CommVaultTM

Atlassian Disaster Recovery

As more companies increasingly rely on collaboration tools such as Atlassian Jira or Confluence, it becomes crucial that those business-critical applications are always operational, even after a disaster. While backups are a great start, utilizing disaster recovery services offer an even greater level of protection and availability. To address this need, Contegix is now offering an Atlassian Disaster Recovery (DR) service to protect your Atlassian Application data.

The Contegix Atlassian DR solution creates a compressed and encrypted copy of your Atlassian database and attachments. This service is delivered at a fixed, manageable cost that is not tied to specific infrastructure. It can be purchased at a RTO and RPO that fits your specific need without paying for fully duplicate hardware! A copy of your data will be stored securely at a secondary facility and available for you to restore your instance at any time.


Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Data Allowance Cost Per Instance
14 Days 5 Days Up to 1 TB $89/month**
7 Days 1 Day Up to 3 TB $169/month
48 Hours 1 Day Up to 5 TB $329/month

**For example, with the 14 day RTO, it may take up to 14 days to restore the instance, and your data will be no older than 5 days prior to the date of the disaster.

Disaster Recovery needs vary from customer to customer, depending upon their business requirements. If your business requirements demand a higher level of protection than what ordinary backups can provide, then Atlassian Disaster Recovery may be right for you!

To add this service to your account or for additional information, contact us via e-mail at, or via phone at (877) 426-6834 ext.4, or fill out the form below.