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Managed Dedicated Hardware

If you are seeking the latest server technology, infrastructure set-up and benefits of a modern data center while still retaining Operating System control, Managed Dedicated Hardware may be the option for you. With our Managed Dedicated Hardware solution, Contegix provides you with the basics: dedicated equipment, power, bandwidth, storage and load balancing. You remain in complete control of your Operating System, file system and security settings.

Need world class hardware solutions for your most intensive database workloads? From MySQL to NoSQL and everything in between, our enterprise datacenter, powerful servers, and expert engineers have your back. If you are a MongoDB or CouchDB admin, you know how tough it can be to fluidly scale your architecture to keep up with demand. We have you covered with our rapid infrastructure deployment, managed data protection services, and our flexible monitoring and alert platform. Let us handle the infrastructure so you can empower your database team to unleash the true power of your data.

As a Managed Dedicated Hardware customer, you can enjoy peace of mind with these benefits:


Because your hardware and data is housed off-site, your IT staff can focus on other aspects of your business.


Contegix provides the power, ping, pipe and space. Meaning you’ll have reliable power and fast connection speed without having to worry about building your own infrastructure.


Since you physically control a dedicated server (as well as the OS) you can add more memory and invest in more bandwidth by making the request from your provider.


Our modern data centers are powered by premium hardware personalized for your solution that we manage and features full redundancy for all critical systems. From servers and switches to SANs, replacement equipment is available immediately at all times.


Because we can deliver around-the-clock maintenance, security and monitoring, with high level redundancy, you can relax knowing your technology is up and running. It’s part of our commitment to delivering Power, Ping and Pipe 100% of the time.

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