When you call the Contegix support team, you’ll speak to a person immediately. We have a staff of Tier 3 Engineers available to speak with you on a 24/7 basis. Not only are we here for you every minute of every day, we constantly monitor all of our networks, which allows us to identify and address issues before they become larger problems. It’s this proactive and accessible Go Beyond approach that separates Contegix from any other hosting provider.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority

  • 24/7 Live Technical Expertise and Support
  • Speak with Tier 3 Engineers for Answers and Advice
  • 100% Power and Network Uptime Guarantee
  • 30-Minute Replacement Time for Critical Business Infrastructure
  • Go Beyond™ Service and Support that is unmatched in the industry

What is a Tier 3 Engineer?

When you call other support centers, they usually send your calls to level 0 and 1 engineers. While they are professionals, their knowledge is limited. A Tier 3 Engineer is an expert of the highest level with professional experience working with a wide range of technology. When you call Contegix, you can speak with our Tier 3 Engineers 24/7. We make our most skilled engineers available to speak with you when you need them.

Call 877.426.6834 or email us and let Contegix Go Beyond for you!


what our customers say


“At Sinu we count on the 24-hour support that Contegix provides as well as their high level talent. This round-the-clock service is unavailable with many of our vendors who only provide a skeleton crew in off hours. This level of service allows us to provide the best support possible to our customers.”

- Larry Velez, CTO, Sinu