"They treat their customer’s business like it's their business."

A consulting company, Blade Technologies, Inc. focuses on providing solutions, not just hardware and software, to its customers allowing them to effectively fulfill the organization’s goals.

Blade Technologies had three significant cloud interruptions within two weeks and with its first live customer on the cloud, the company knew it was time for a new solution and quickly. Blade needed to find a reliable hosting partner that would serve its customers as if they were their own. They needed a partner that would respond quickly and make solving any of their issues a top priority.

After speaking with numerous other companies, Blade Technologies decided on Contegix. One of Blade Technologies’ biggest decision points was the speed in which Contegix got back to them. Contegix heard Blade Technology’s issues and quickly answered all their questions. Shortly after making their decision, Blade Technologies was up and running on Contegix MiraCloud.

“We needed a hosting provider and we needed it now. From the signing of the contract to going live and cutting off the old system was a matter of days,” said Charles Urban, Senior Systems Engineer, Blade Technologies.

Contegix now provides multiple MiraCloud instances for Blade Technologies and has become a vital partner using Contegix’s cloud services. They contract Contegix for a number of their own clients, allowing those companies to grow their business with the knowledge that their cloud service will be there when they need it.

“The Contegix team continually strives to produce quality work. They want to make a great product and treat the customer right. Contegix treats their customer’s business like it is their business, which is really important for my relationship with my clients,” said Charles Urban, Senior Systems Engineer, Blade Technologies.