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Cloud Computing

While any application that can run on a server can run in the MiraCloud, cloud computing is not suited for all types of resources. A rule of thumb is anything that is easily added to a load balancer to distribute requests including web servers, SMTP servers, DNS servers, and some application servers is an excellent candidate for the cloud. Always check the hardware requirements and product support before attempting to virtualize your infrastructure.

All Contegix Hosting solutions come with the three P’s of hosting: Power, Pipe and Ping. Also, Contegix guarantees 100% uptime for power as well as network and monitors individual instances for general availability. Otherwise, the level of support and management you receive is up to you.
 Learn more about our MiraCloud Hosting solution service levels here.

Contegix MiraCloud solutions are flexible, customized and built to suit a variety of needs, no matter the size or type of business. Customers have the choice in the levels and types of security, portability, standardization and management services.

Colocation & Managed Colocation

All Contegix Colocation solutions offer the three P’s: Power, Pipe and Ping. Contegix guarantees 100% uptime for your power supply and network. 24/7 support for configuration, application performance monitoring and management is available for Contegix’s Managed Colocation customers.

Depending on the level of management you require and the amount of space you need, Contegix offers flexible Colocation solutions. Depending on your size or privacy concerns we have plans that range from shared cabinets, private locked cabinets or private suites to store your servers and equipment. Additionally we offer optional management and administration, which includes the operating system, applications, software, and infrastructure. Learn more about our Colocation solutions here.

In the industry, traditional colocation infers that the server belongs to you, while the hosting provider supplies power, network and security. Normally, Contegix customers supply the hardware fully configured and ready to simply plug in and run.


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Although rare, hardware failures can and do happen.

Our unmanaged public cloud customers can rely upon MiraCloud’s availability of capacity for customers to bring their instances back alive. For those MiraCloud customers who have selected Business and Enterprise level service, the self-healing and high-availability features should restore your infrastructure to its original state. Often, these customers are not impacted as cloud instances are migrated before potential failures, wherever possible.

For Contegix managed dedicated hardware customers, Contegix keeps spare parts available and will replace most broken parts within 30 minutes.

All managed customers – cloud, dedicated, and colocation – can easily depend upon Contegix engineers to manage the impact. Engineers are constantly monitoring to ensure each managed customer returns to health as quickly as possible.

In the case of failure of colocated equipment, customer authorized contacts have 24/7/365 access to all Contegix data centers. In addition, colocation customers can have vendors perform maintenance as needed. In the unfortunate state where data is temporarily inaccessible or lost, Contegix disaster recovery and backup services can get the infrastructure back to its previous state. Additional charges may apply for disaster recovery and backup restoration services.

The Contegix network is connected to multiple Tier 1 network providers (currently Hurricane Electric, Level(3), XO Communications and Intelliquent) to minimize the network distance to the end user and to build network redundancy. Contegix always ensures its network is below 50% total utilization. This allows peak network performance during normal traffic spikes.

We also offer:

  • IPv6 availability
  • Access to metro area fiber loop provides access to additional providers if needed
  • Future-tolerant structured cabling to allow for quick mixing and matching of services
  • 100% Power & Network uptime guarantee


The Contegix network is comprised of top brand networking equipment from Juniper and Brocade. This hardware lies in a fully meshed configuration. The core of our network is fully redundant, with every switch or router having multiple redundant hot spares.

Contegix knows security is a top priority, and has therefore instituted strict security policies across all data center resources – not just a handful of privileged customers like other hosting providers. Our data centers are housed in a secure facility tracked with closed circuit digital cameras, biometric scans, keycards, coded badges, controlled access after hours, security system monitoring, restricted access beyond the lobby, and posted security guards 24 hours a day. Additionally, we can work with you to meet your business’ compliance needs. Contegix firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are enhanced to ensure both centralized and flexible protection.

Contegix’s core expertise is in Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows for managed hosting. In order to deliver the best service available, we specialize in these operating systems. However, Contegix realizes that the modern data center and enterprise are heterogeneous. Therefore, in instances of colocation and unmanaged MiraCloud you have the option to let us house and manage your own equipment and operating systems.

Contegix’s data centers are powered by two different power grids configured with automatic failover. If both power grids were to experience a failure, the data centers are backed up by two large UPS systems and multiple diesel generators. Internet connectivity for each data center is provided by multiple OC-48 backbones. BGP4 routing helps guarantee that your server is always accessible. Quality network equipment from Juniper and Brocade Networks tie the infrastructure together. This all adds up to Contegix having one of the most reliable data centers in the world.

Hybrid Hosting

It’s all up to you. You can mix cloud instances, public or private, colocation, applications and managed dedicated or cloud services in any way you’d prefer.

Absolutely. For example, you could use colocation for your legacy equipment, managed dedicated for your database infrastructure needs and a cloud instance during test periods or seasonal peaks in traffic.

If you’re interested in creating your own customized solution, have a variety of hosting needs or you’re interested in taking a phased approach, Hybrid Hosting could be right for you.

Managed Applications

Yes. The physical servers powering your applications reside in a highly secure data center, complete with closed circuit digital cameras, biometric scans, keycards, coded badges, controlled access after hours, security system monitoring, restricted access beyond the lobby and security guards 24 hours a day. Additionally, each deployment is secured behind a Contegix firewall to ensure data connections are secure, and uses virtual private networks enhanced with IPSec technology to manage permissions of data being sent through the firewall.

Contegix provides a completely managed environment and support to make things run smoothly. We take care of everything needed to get started – the server, the operating system, bandwidth on our intelligently routed, 100% guaranteed uptime network, and the software licenses (where applicable). Learn more about our Managed Applications.

Contegix’s engineers have expertise managing and administering applications such as JBoss, Oracle, JIRA, Confluence, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Zimbra, Exchange, SQL Server and many more. Please consult with your account executive for more information.


When a problem or emergency occurs, Contegix support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to help you identify and resolve issues quickly. Most of the time our support department can solve issues before you are even aware there is one. We keep you in the loop with prompt communication of any challenges and time frames to solve them.

Additional IP addresses are provided for a one-time minimal fee, after that, Contegix can allocate you as many IP’s as you need (ARIN regulations apply).

For most circumstances, dedicated hardware can be upgraded. Additional costs could apply.

Contegix only uses hardware from top tier vendors, specifically Dell, IBM, and Apple for managed dedicated hosting. Contegix managed cloud hosting is available on the Business and Enterprise class MiraCloud which utilizes Dell and EqualLogic hardware. We do not use “white boxes” or servers built from spare components. Every Contegix server is acquired from one of those vendors and comes with a factory warranty.

Contegix Managed Services are suited for customers looking to leverage the skills of our Tier 3 engineers to administer their hosting, cloud, and Internet infrastructure needs. Our management and administration includes the hardware (in the case of dedicated or cloud), operating system, applications (as applicable), application infrastructure (such as database and application servers), and infrastructure, including the network and data center operations. Our engineers are responsible for installing, managing, updating and monitoring security patches, as well as service pack testing and installation. We also proactively monitor all of our equipment and the deployed application infrastructure stack, so we can make recommendations for improvements and responsiveness 24/7/365. Contegix then works with customers to roll out any changes in a collaborative manner and appropriate schedule.

The complete Contegix SLA can be found here. We also customize SLAs to meet specific customer needs.

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