DBaaS will give your business everything you need to deploy a mission critical application through one simple model. Our Contegix technical support specialists will ensure that all facets from storage and backups, to tuning and security, are taken into consideration delivering a true ‘enterprise class’ database environment. Our DBaaS will allow you to stop thinking about databases and just use them. It provides developers with a web-based database that has an easy to use point-and-click interface, through which scaling, load balancing, failover and backup can all be managed. Such an instance can be moved around between MiraCloud public cloud and on-premise deployments. It will enable customers to leverage a more agile and cost-efficient platform than traditional on-premise alternatives.

Contegix Recommends:

MiraCloud Hosting

- Enjoy the flexibility of the cloud
- Retain complete management control of your environment
- Pay as you go

Managed Private Cloud

- Highest level of cloud security
- Dedicated infrastructure
- Flexible service options


Features Comparison: