Contegix offers the most secure HIPAA compliant hosting options in the industry. We are Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Friendly and offer HIPAA compliant Cloud, Colocation and Managed Hosting solutions. Our SOC2-Certified data centers, combined with our highly available, fully redundant infrastructure with multiple feeds for network, power, and internet ensure that your data will be protected at the highest levels.

Contegix recommends dedicated bare metal servers or private cloud infrastructure for hosting workloads containing sensitive ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information) data. Options include:

  • Cloud Hosting – Receive the security, availability and scalability of a HIPAA compliant managed cloud solution.
  • Managed Dedicated Hosting – Provides the highest level of compliance and security, utilizing completely dedicated hardware.
  • Colocation – Relocate your server environment into our fully redundant and secure data center.
  • Contegix Scalable SSD Storage – For sensitive datasets requiring high security encryption and high performance.

In the Dark About HIPAA?

Are you in the dark about HIPAA rules and regulations and how to choose the best hosting partner for your ePHI data?  You are not alone.  Over the years, many customers and prospects have reached out to us for help because they are unsure of how to properly qualify a potential HIPAA Compliant Managed Services Provider.  Choosing the wrong partner can potentially lead to violations, costly fines and a damaged reputation.  Companies want to ensure that their ePHI data is safe, available and in a highly redundant environment.

To that end, Contegix has put together the following document on what to require from any HIPAA Hosting Partner.  It will guide you to make an informed decision for your sensitive health data.




Contact Contegix today to see how we can assist you with your Healthcare Hosting needs. Call us at (877) 289-0395, email us at sales@contegix.com or fill out the form below. Always consult subject matter and legal experts for expertise and guidance related to your ePHI needs.