Startups Can Rely on the Cloud

Cloud computing and computer networking conceptA common challenge for small startups is finding the money to invest in physical IT  hardware and staff. Often, startup businesses are operating on limited resources all around. They struggle to find enough money to pay employees to keep their business running, so costly IT hardware and someone to maintain it, is not an option. Though going without is impossible in today’s business environment. So how do they do it?

The solution is one that has actually caught on with small and large businesses alike, cloud computing. To say that cloud computing has revolutionized the business world is an understatement. It has allowed many startups that otherwise couldn’t afford to thrive, to play on the same level as already established companies. Even with limited resources, money, space, and time, they are able to afford do everything they need to in the cloud.

Both startups and enterprises, are moving toward the cloud rather than a for many reasons:

Save Money: Cloud does not require the maintenance and purchase of expensive equipment. It does not become outdated as quickly as the software and hardware used in traditional data centers. It’s cheaper to operate simply because of the lack of required leased floor space. Businesses can stay in their smaller offices, even after the startup phase. In addition, mobile technology has made it difficult, if not impossible, for smaller companies to process the vast amount of data they’re generating.

Flexibility & Scalability: Cloud computing offers the utmost in flexibility and scalability. Meaning, as your business grows, your technology can easily grow with it. Then once your business is established, you will notice ups and downs in traffic, and be glad you have the cloud to accommodate.

Connectivity: With the cloud, you can access your data anywhere, anytime. Increasing your ability to get work done on the go. This is ideal for startups because many have employees work from home until the office space grows enough to accommodate a larger work force. This is also a must-have for larger companies with multiple locations.

Businesses of all sizes are utilizing the cloud for its many advantages, but it’s startups that truly benefit from the cost savings. Contegix has helped many startups along their journey, starting with a single cloud instance, and helping them scaling up as their needs continued to grow. We can help you to! Contact us to discuss your needs with our experts today.

Are you a business owner who has used the cloud for data management? Contegix would love to hear about it. Post below to let us know about your experiences.