The Importance of Protection from Data Loss

If a football team took the field without having a backup QB on the bench, you might wonder about their chances… and their choices.

Now apply that to data.  Too many times, companies choose not to back up data, or when they do, back it up poorly. But no one wants to lose data, whether it’s important documents, customer or compliance information.

This is why Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is so important. In a recent CIO LinkedIn Marketpulse survey, 42% of CIOs said that they believe their current data management practices are outdated. Those feelings aren’t unwarranted. Right now, the world’s information is doubling every two years, with a colossal 1.8 zettabytes to be created and replicated in 2011. As Mashable says, that amount of data would require 57.5 billion 32 GB iPads to store. With the huge influx of data created by enterprises alone, this level of activity has broken traditional back up processes.

At Contegix, we take Data Loss Prevention seriously. We offer a number of ways to help our clients protect their data. We have an onsite Storage Area Network (SAN) that helps ensure that data is readily available and quickly accessible for fast backups and, more importantly, fast restorations and recovery. Both our SAN and optional Offsite Tape Storage back-up system are powered by our team of Backup & Data Recovery Specialists along with CommVault, the industry leader in data protection software.

CommVault creates and stores copies of data that can be immediately accessed for rapid recovery. It also utilizes multiple recovery points for added protection and provides hot backup capabilities for modern databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft Exchange among others.

We don’t stop there. If your business requires offsite archival, Contegix has you covered. Stored by a trusted third party in a secure location, your tapes are categorized and labeled. This effort will increase your business’s restoration capabilities in the case of a disaster.

And we go one step further with our DLP by offering Multi-Site Data Replication across facilities.

Data Loss Prevention is just that – Prevention. When our customers recognize the need for data loss prevention services, such as backups, at Contegix, we are empowered to manage this huge responsibility for our clients. Ultimately, this is our way of empowering our clients by removing the burden of technology systems backup from their shoulders.

At Contegix, one of our most important core values is “respect for people, data and time.” We are focused on adding value to our customers’ organizations by becoming part of the team. Our data loss prevention plans are designed with this purpose. Think of us as that insightful coach, looking at what’s needed on all parts of football field and thinking one, two even five plays ahead and our DLP team is that forceful offensive line capable of preventing quarterbacks from getting sacked.