10 Ques for MSP ButtonPanera Bread

Panera Bread needed a hosting company that could provide reliability with responsive 24-hour support. That’s why they chose Contegix to maintain security and deliver managed dedicated hosting for the brand’s customer-facing websites. Read More


Graybar introduced Atlassian Confluence into their operation in 2009 and use of it grew organically and beyond expectations. It soon became evident that increased monitoring and attention would be critical to meet user demand. Graybar needed to find a reliable hosting partner that had expertise in Atlassian application hosting and who could grow with them as their needs continued to evolve. Contegix was that answer. Read More

Palliative Care Victoria

After finding out its current host, Atlassian, was changing the level of support on third-party plug-ins necessary to run the library, PCV needed to look for a new hosting provider. Contegix, being a strategic partner for Atlassian and the hosting solution for Atlassian itself, was a natural solution. Read More

RX Outreach

Rx Outreach was founded as a spinoff business from a large Pharmacy Benefits Manager. The new company was given core application software to manage the new online pharmacy and Rx Outreach needed to find a place to host it. That meant a number of choices to make, and to make quickly. Read More

Blade Technologies

Blade needed to find a reliable hosting partner that would serve its customers as if they were their own. They needed a partner that would respond quickly and make solving any of their issues a top priority. Read More


Gliffy is an independent company that creates web-based diagramming tools. They came to Contegix looking for a comprehensive hosting plan that could be customized, reliable and come with 24/7/365 Go Beyond Support. Read More