The 3 Keys to Deciding Which Cloud is Right for You

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Decisions.  No matter how important they are, you can still overthink them, under think them, or get the analysis just right. No one has the silver bullet on how to decide which cloud is right for your organization, but I am going to give it my best shot.  In this article, I will try to simplify the big decision, which cloud is right for your organization.

Here are the 3 keys to deciding which cloud is right for your organization:

1. Application First, Always

Over 10 years ago, before the cloud was even around, things used to be very simple for the infrastructure team. You decided which OS and hardware your team wanted to support, and then the application team would figure out how to make their application work on that infrastructure. The cloud has completely changed that dynamic.  Now, many times the application team is telling the infrastructure team what type of cloud they need to be on for their application to perform best. That’s why the first and most important step to figuring out which cloud is right for you, is to figure out what type of cloud is best for the application you will be running on it. Usually your development team will be able to provide you with the information you need here, but it is always good to find a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), specializing in that type of application to help guide you through that process.

2. Affordability

One word, plain and simple.  We all know what it means and how important affordability is in every decision we make as a technology team. There are many cloud options out there and as long as you can find the right type of cloud, as pointed out in point #1, the next step is to figure out which of those clouds fits within your budget. Whether going direct to a public cloud solution like AWS or Azure, or utilizing a CSP, the pricing can very drastically from one to another. Make sure you do your homework and evaluate all the pieces necessary to ensure you can support the cloud you chose because missed costs kill budgets. Don’t be that IT leader that has to go back to their CEO and/or CFO and explain that the reason why they will miss their budget that year is because they missed a critical component in their cloud cost model.

3. Find the Right Tool Sets

Many times this overlaps with point #1, but it is very important to point out. When you have a couple of cloud options, make sure you dig in to ensure the one you select will have all the tool sets your team will need. For example, if you want to do intense monitoring of a public cloud option, make sure you know if the IAAS or PAAS version you are going to use can support the monitoring expectations your team has. I have seen this one bite some customers after they had already spent hundreds of thousands migrating to the new cloud, but could not monitor their solution the way they needed to once they were there.

Another specific example is DR. Many people love Zerto for their DR capabilities. Many of those same people assume they can replicate Zerto from their datacenter to AWS for DR and that if they ever had to fail back over after the event they could fail back from AWS to their DC. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.  Again, make sure the cloud you chose has ALL the tools your team needs to support the right cloud for your organization.

Simplify choosing the right cloud. Yes, it is a huge decision and yes, you want to get it right, but I assure you if you focus on these 3 keys to choosing the right cloud solution you will find the right answer without creating analysis paralysis. Contact us if you need an expert’s opinion on what cloud would work best for your organization.