4 Signs You’ve Hit the CSP Jackpot

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You may have read the title and expected to see MSP instead of CSP.  Yes, there are Managed Service Providers, but when you are focused on utilizing the CLOUD to optimize your business wouldn’t you rather work with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP)? Instead of MSP, which could mean any myriad of Managed Services, let’s focus on when you know you have hit the CSP jackpot.  Below we will walk through 4 very clear identifiers that can help you when selecting a CSP, to ensure you get it right. Because, let’s be honest, this is one of the most important decisions you will make as the leader of your IT organization.


Here are the top 4 indicators you hit the CSP jackpot:

They have a Proven Track Record with “Hybrid Clouds” –

Some CSPs are new to the cloud game, and some only support certain types of cloud without a true hybrid strategy. More and more companies are realizing they need a hybrid strategy to be successful in the cloud. It takes time to truly be successful with that strategy. If the CSP has more than a decade of experience in the cloud and they can support multiple clouds, from On-Prem to their DCs to Public Clouds, you are starting down the right path to hitting the CSP jackpot.


They Provide Top Notch Support for All of their Customers –

For those companies not fortunate enough to be a Fortune 100 or even 500 company, getting quality support from a CSP can be a challenge.  The big guys don’t care or have the cycles, and the really small guys don’t have the money or the resources to provide top notch support. Finding a CSP provider that is big enough to provide quality resources to bolster great support, while not being too big to not care is key to this process. Beyond that, finding a provider that will go beyond, and do more than support up to the operating systems (OS) level, can also be a challenge. Yet there is a new crop of CSPs that will support further up the application stack.  This helps avoid finger pointing when there are performance problems, and it brings even greater expertise to allow you to fully optimize your overall environment. If you can find the right CSP with these capabilities you have taken another huge step towards hitting the CSP jackpot.


They have a Robust Offering Utilizing Industry Leading Tools –

Some companies try to get creative or save money by developing their own tools or taking a chance on a possible up-and-coming product. These gambles can be hit or miss.  Even when they are a hit, it can lead to a significant amount of growing pains that you, as the customer, have to suffer through. The right CSP chooses the industry leading tools to ensure their customers have access to the best products available. The value of this cannot be overstated; less hiccups, better performance, more capabilities and quality service all make for a significantly improved experience with your CSP. If your CSP does this, it’s yet another big sign you’ve hit the CSP jackpot.


They are in the right Ballpark with Pricing –

When it comes to pricing, it’s important to look for a price that is just right. You don’t want a price that is too low or one that is too high. Some CSPs try to come in way under on pricing just to win a deal, while others over-inflate their pricing for many reasons, none of which are good for the customer. The problem with the CSP that bids too low is that they will almost always try to make that money up by providing not so great service or by sticking you with a huge bill when you go to renew. The CSP that overcharges usually does it due to a lack of clarity from their end.  It’s their way of providing a big buffer to ensure they can make a good a margin on the deal.  This is a sign that they are not mature enough as an organization to understand their true costs, and as a result you suffer by paying too much for their weakness. When you find the CSP with pricing that is just right it’s another sign that you’ve hit the CSP jackpot.


A clear path towards finding the CSP of all CSPs comes in 4 simple steps; find one that has a proven track record in “Hybrid Clouds”, provides top notch customer service for all their customers, brings industry leading tools to the table in all areas of their services, and where the pricing is just right. When you find this CSP, lock them in and enjoy the direction they will provide your organization to make you extremely successful in your cloud strategy. Then spread the word throughout your network. They will thank you for it.