7 Most Useful Magento Features

Every industry expert uses Magento at some point as their business expands online. Magento has proven to be a robust platform capturing roughly one-quarter of the ecommerce market, and for good reason. The platform is capable of supporting enterprise-level ecommerce merchants. Here are seven resourceful features in Magento:

1. Marketing Automation

Automation is one of the most useful features enterprise leaders can leverage from Magento because it helps them operate efficiently. Marketing automation can increase sales by as much as 14.5 percent. Some of these features include polls and automatically issuing coupons to target groups.

2. Checkout, Shipping, and Payment

Being able to customize settings to fit shopper needs is crucial to maintaining the attention of a site’s target market. The internet has made it very competitive for capturing the attention of shoppers online and shopping carts can make the difference with keeping them online. Magento provides great support for checkout features, including shopping carts that can estimate shipping and tax. This information helps the user know what to expect and pay upfront to help reduce bounce rates. Moreover, technology leaders can use the payment features of Magento to save debit or credit card information and design charges once an invoice is created.

3. Analytics Reporting

Without knowing what is working for shoppers, it is hard to know what to offer them. Magento’s analytics and reporting feature is very resourceful for providing insight on several factors that can affect the user experience of the shopper online, including reports that show product reviews, the amount of shopping carts that were abandoned, and how many coupons were used. By knowing this information, enterprise leaders can know where to invest retargeting efforts.

4. Responsive Design

Mobile traffic is one of the most important factors to any site today. That is because mobile traffic was responsible for driving 60 percent of traffic online. Thus, it is important for technology leaders to incorporate features that can adapt to shoppers’ mobile devices. Magento’s responsive design is one of its most important features for this reason. It helps sites to quickly adapt to the user’s device, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. Magento developers can easily leverage this feature’s quick customization to save time on making responsive sites. Additionally, this feature supports product types, major flows, and product features to save setup and deployment time.

5. Automated Email Marketing Reminder

Email marketing is still important for driving traffic to a site. With Magento’s automated email marketing reminder, technology leaders can enhance customer engagement. The feature helps automate email reminders to customers who started shopping but abandoned their carts. This helps to retarget potential and existing customers to improve customer retention.

6. Full Page Caching

The time it takes for servers to respond to the thousands of requests from shoppers as they search for products or services on a site can impact the user experience. If the response time of the site is too slow, users can leave the site in droves. Instead of increasing bounce rates, technology leaders can use the full page caching feature from Magento. This feature helps to cache primary pages to improve response times and page loads. Some of these pages include CMS pages and product pages. By taking these steps, it can improve the customer experience.

7. Data Encryption and Key Management

Ensuring the security of an e-commerce site is a primary concern and need. As data breach continues to rise, it’s a responsibility for an e-commerce site and technology leader to safeguard personal data of shoppers and their servers. With Magento’s data encryption hashing and key management feature, technology leaders can maintain and update database keys with ease. This feature includes robust SHA-256-based hashing and AES-256 data encryption for heightened security measures.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging all of Magento’s most resourceful features helps improve the site’s security. It also ensures the user experience is enhanced while increasing sales opportunities.  Contegix can help you manage and host your Magento instance.  Contact us here.