Atlassian Partners

Our Atlassian partners work seamlessly with Contegix solutions that deliver enhanced value to our customers. From consulting, to plug-in integrations, to enterprise training and more, Contegix’s range of Atlassian Partners are here to help.

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Easy Agile

Easy Agile makes Agile add-on's for Atlassian Jira.  The company was established in 2015 by former Atlassian's Dave Elkan & Nick Muldoon. Their insider knowledge ensures a consistent & reliable user experience with the underlying Atlassian Jira platform. Easy Agile's charter is to enable & simplify the Agile project management experience on Jira. The company is headquartered in surfside Wollongong, Australia - 70km south of Sydney.

Easy Agile has over 3,000 customers around the world including Bosch, Cisco, Nike, Twitter, Microsoft & Bloomberg. They currently offer 4 products - 3 team level solutions in Easy Agile Personas, Easy Agile User Story Maps & Easy Agile Roadmaps together with 1 program (team of teams) level solution in Easy Agile Programs. More on these apps below.

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BigPicture is a genuinely versatile application to optimize the way projects, products, and portfolios are managed. A top-selling tool for planning and visualizing work, tracking progress, managing resources, and reporting. Flexible enough to accommodate basic agile, agile-at-scale as well as typical waterfall, or any hybrid approach. The BigPicture suite of apps (with BigPicture Enterprise, BigGantt, and BigTemplate) has been tried and tested by over 22.000 companies around the world. The apps are used daily by a staggering number of over 3 million users.



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ALM Works

ALM Works develops specialized project management solutions that empower project portfolio managers (PPMs) who oversee multiple projects. Founded in 2004, ALM Works was an early contributor to the Atlassian ecosystem. Today, our flagship product — Structure for Jira — is used by more than 4,000 Atlassian customers to flexibly manage their Jira projects.

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Tempo is the leader in time tracking and resource planning in Jira, giving organizations the insight they need to align. And Tempo does it all seamlessly, with time management applications that are simple to deploy and effortless to use. More than 20,000 customers, large and small, use Tempo to gain visibility into time and its true value.

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Mindville builds the Insight software suite, a collection of apps that empower Jira users to work more efficiently and deliver an outstanding customer experience. It’s the asset management solution that grows and scales with your business. The Insight suite is made up of our top-rated eponymous app that puts powerful enterprise asset management at the fingertips of every Jira user. It also includes Insight Discovery, our network scanning tool that helps you import all your infrastructure assets, and our 12 free third-party integration options that make it easy to populate Jira with data from all your external systems. Insight has become a force of nature within the Jira community, and we're excited about what the future holds for our brand, our clients, and the community as a whole.

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Gliffy’s diagramming software kindles creative thinking and clear communication — two crucial ingredients for innovation. Gliffy’s drag-and-drop interface makes diagramming an intuitive way to express ideas, whether you’re drawing a simple flowchart or a complex network diagram.  Founded by software developers, we have over 15 years of experience partnering and integrating with Atlassian and over 16 million users making diagrams in Confluence and Jira.