The Best WordPress Plugins for Increasing Interactions

Increasing interaction helps to improve engagement on your site. Increased engagement has its benefits, too. It improves visibility, promotes loyalty, and demonstrates effective content marketing. WordPress has close to 52,000 plugins as of 2017, and several of these plugins can help technology and enterprise leaders achieve successful interaction. Consider these top WordPress plugins to enhance interaction:

1. Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress Plugin

Facebook is one of the top platforms for engagement with its billions of subscribers, and Instant Article features make it easy for content creators to capture its audiences. Enterprise leaders can merge their offline search engine optimization with a responsive design strategy. This plugin enhances interaction by offering technology leaders a way to optimize their standard Instant Articles to mobile devices. This increases more reading and reduces abandonment to encourage engagement and interaction. Features include full API integration and the ability to post, manage or remove Instant Articles within WordPress.

2. Digg Digg

Research indicates that sharing content via share buttons can increase engagement sevenfold. Technology leaders can encourage sharing their content by including share buttons, such as the WordPress plugin Digg Digg. Digg Digg makes it simple to share, thanks to its sidebar feature, which travels down the page as the reader scrolls through content. Developers can include sharing buttons within the sidebar for multiple social networking platforms, such as Twitter or LinkedIn. This makes it easy for users to share an article or blog post without copying and pasting links or searching for an embedded share button at the top or bottom of the web page.

3. Disqus

Enterprise leaders can encourage conversations within their blog content using the Disqus plugin for WordPress. Once users provide access to their social media profile, they can begin to discuss the content of a blog or article on the site. Technology leaders can also leverage other Disqus features to encourage interaction, such as voting and videos. By incorporating blog commentary via Disqus, interaction can thrive among readers.

4. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

YARPP makes it easy to introduce readers to related content on a site. Being able to offer additional, relevant content will help increase interaction and site engagement, because it is keeping the user on the site longer by enticing them with interesting information for them to read or explore. This WordPress plugin can also be integrated into RSS feeds, is customizable and offers a template feature to deliver content suggestions in a consistent way.

5. Meta Slider

Offering visuals can also help increase site interaction, and Meta Slider makes it easy for technology leaders to accomplish this. This WordPress plugin offers a drag-and-drop feature, a preview, and various slideshow options for customizing the speed and look of content. It also offers support for video so content creators can include slides from Vimeo and YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Increasing interaction offers an opportunity for enterprise leaders to increase engagement. With the right WordPress plugins, enterprise leaders can foster an environment of engagement. This strategy leads to opportunities for achieving site and content goals while simultaneously improving chances for increasing profits. Managing plugins can be done internally. However, enterprise leaders can also leverage the expertise of professionals, such as Contegix, with years of experience managing WordPress sites with plugins. Contact us to see how we can save you time that can be allocated to other important tasks.