Remote Management

Supporting a high-performing CMS environment can eat up time, money and other resources that would be better applied to your business. Our remote support capabilities offer high-quality management, personalized support, and 24x7 monitoring of your entire application environment. Whether your servers are at your office or an off-site datacenter, we can provide you with the service and expertise to ensure your application performs optimally.

Remote Support Capabilities

Application and System Updates

Provide essential updates to ensure your application is secure and stable.

DevOps Consulting

Leverage our in-house DevOps engineers to gain quality and efficiencies through automation. 

Incident Response

24x7 immediate incident response and resolution to ensure uptime.

Application Stack Monitoring

Complete platform and custom monitoring to ensure optimal application performance.

Performance Tuning

An optimized LAMP stack including caching technologies and other tools that meet your specific requirements.

Workflow Tools

A collection of deployment tools that streamline manual code deployments into a consistent, automated process.

On-Demand Support

We become an extension of your IT team providing round-the-clock technical support and monitoring. In addition to keeping your environment secure and well-maintained, we provide assistances with modules updates, installations, security patches, and more!

The end result is that your developers are able to focus on your code and content, confidently knowing that the solution will be online, available, and very responsive!

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BlackMesh announces new partnership with Lando

As our customers’ development needs rapidly progress, the BlackMesh team believes it is critical to invest in the tools developers use to advance scalability and deploy quicker. Today, we announced the beginning of a new partnership with Lando to help developers everywhere take advantage of the speed and scale of their applications. As our preferred local dev tool, Lando combines the flexibility, ease of use, and automation for all workflows in a single dev tool. The Lando team has demonstrated a strong commitment to user success by continuing to innovate their toolset.


Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Atlassian’s Public Cloud

Earlier this year, Atlassian stopped selling new licenses for its on-prem server products, also ceasing upgrades and downgrades, new feature development and support for these licenses. For organizations with existing Atlassian on-prem server licenses, the announcement means an eventual migration from Atlassian’s on-prem servers to Atlassian’s public cloud by February 2024 (data centers will still receive support and new features for those not ready for cloud). 


For Federal Agencies, Website or Application Hosting Has a Different Regulatory Rulebook as New Laws Go Into Effect

Building fast, reliable, secure and accessible websites and online services is a top priority for the government today. Agencies have been porting more citizen services online for several years, but COVID-19 has shifted what was once seen as long-term “nice-to-have” projects into necessities.