5 Ways Optimized Drupal Hosting Can Improve Your Customer Experience

By Elizabeth Clor

The free and open-source content-management framework Drupal was used as a back-end for more than five percent of the world’s websites in 2017. Behind WordPress and Joomla, it’s the most popular website back-end, and the community includes more than 30,000 developers. With tens of thousands of extensions and add-ons available, Drupal is one of the most customizable and robust frameworks available. With Drupal offering so much potential for the development of highly functional websites, it makes sense to choose a hosting provider who can offer optimized hosting for Drupal environments. Here are five benefits that customers can enjoy when businesses choose optimized Drupal hosting.

1. Image Optimization Speeds Up Sites

Statistics show that web users abandon sites that are not able to load within three seconds. On many sites, images make a large contribution to the total loading time of a webpage. Therefore, image optimization can have a big impact on loading speed, allowing web users on slow connections to enjoy using image-rich sites without having to make excessive sacrifices in terms of speed or quality. Web hosting companies that offer optimized Drupal hosting can help their business website owners put in place image optimization, preserving the correct sizing and formatting of the images. Another option is to combine images into a single image file using CSS image sprites, which reduces the number of HTTP requests browsers have to make on the server. Drupal optimized hosting makes these options available to businesses.

2. Caching Speeds Up Sites for Regular Visitors

Drupal supports multiple caching features, which allow browsers to temporarily store web pages to improve loading times for repeat visitors. When a web user arrives at a Drupal site they have visited before, a cached version can be called up unless the site has changed in the meantime. Drupal optimized web hosts encourage site owners to use the framework’s caching features to improve business website performance for customers. They often make tools like Memcached and Varnish available to help businesses utilize caching to speed up their sites.

3. Regular Updates Make New Drupal Features Available

Web hosting companies that offer Drupal optimized hosting stay up to date with the latest Drupal updates. When Drupal core and contributed modules update, website owners can access performance improvements that make their customer experience better.

4. Drupal Optimized Hosting Support

Drupal optimized hosting providers understand the details of Drupal hosting, which means they can offer expert-level support to website managers. When businesses need help configuring their site, they need help from a Drupal expert. Businesses that choose to use general hosting providers may miss out on the specialized help they need, while their competitors enjoy Drupal-specific support that allows them to optimize their sites to offer a better customer experience.

5. Preinstalled Drupal Tools

Drupal optimized hosts provide preinstalled Drupal server tools that help website owners improve their site speed and performance. These customizable tools can make optimizing a Drupal site much easier.

There are many good reasons to choose a hosting company that offers optimized Drupal hosting. If you are looking for the perfect hosting company for your Drupal site, why not get in touch with Contegix? We offer optimized Drupal hosting that can help businesses provide a better experience to their customers. Contact us today.