BlackMesh announces new partnership with Lando

By Contegix

As our customers’ development needs rapidly progress, the BlackMesh team believes it is critical to invest in the tools developers use to advance scalability and deploy quicker. Today, we announced the beginning of a new partnership with Lando to help developers everywhere take advantage of the speed and scale of their applications.

As our preferred local dev tool, Lando combines the flexibility, ease of use, and automation for all workflows in a single dev tool. The Lando team has demonstrated a strong commitment to user success by continuing to innovate their toolset.

At BlackMesh, we are excited for the opportunity to provide technical insight and resource support to Lando, as they continue to deliver advanced features and new documentation to their users. Pairing the strengths of a powerful platform and tool not only expands our customers’ ability to modernize development, but it also enables them to automate and deploy in an inventive way.

Check out our first podcast with the Lando team where we dive into some of the challenges and opportunities of a multi-technology world for the modern web developer.

Podcast: Mike Wetter and Solomon Gifford: The Joy of Multi-Application Deployments