Build Delightful—and Reliable—Digital Experiences with BlackMesh

By Elizabeth Clor

Delightful digital experiences are an important differentiator for companies today. According to a 2019 report by Ekata, 92% of customers expect a fast, frictionless experience that’s also trustworthy and secure when digitally interacting with a brand. To achieve the experience customers crave, organizations are tapping into open source content management systems (like Drupal, Magento and WordPress) for flexibility and customization. And thanks to open source technology, they can build stronger and more scalable websites, platforms and products.

But with the great promise of open source CMS comes the complexity of managing and optimizing websites and web applications—ensuring everything from optimal speed to effective caching capabilities are maintained at all times. But how?

Enter BlackMesh. Our offering provides DevOps teams and their CMS product owners with the in-depth expertise necessary to build, support and manage complex websites and web applications. With over a decade of experience, BlackMesh offers a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that enterprises and government entities depend on—a platform on which developers can create, run and manage applications without the added complexity of building or maintaining the infrastructure. And perhaps most importantly, BlackMesh provides the performance tuning and business continuity tools necessary to build high-functioning, reliable web applications that are not only enjoyable for end users, but easy for site owners to maintain.  

Using Performance Tuning to Keep Customers Happy

When it comes to user satisfaction on a website or web application, the most significant factor is how fast a page loads. Page loads can be the reason a company wins or loses a sale, according to a 2019 report on page speeds. The report also found that nearly 70% of consumers said page speed impacts their willingness to buy and can lessen the chances that they return in the future. Because of this, companies must ensure that their websites and web applications are running at optimal, efficient speeds and load times. 

A BlackMesh partnership provides an optimized LAMP stack that can be easily integrated into common CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal. Included in this web architecture is a range of caching technologies—such as database, CDN and page caching—to ensure that websites or web applications can serve content to customers as quickly as possible. These are especially helpful if or when a website experiences a spike in traffic: Caching will reduce the load on a server and prevent against any subsequent lag times. 

And unlike most similar offerings, BlackMesh can also configure Apache SOLR—an application that essentially replaces the existing search engine model of a content management system with an improved, faster functionality. Anytime a customer searches within a website, SOLR uses advanced algorithms to respond to that request more accurately and quickly. 

The solution allows for load testing as well, which allows for the testing of how applications will behave during normal, medium or high loads and can even determine which system or piece of software is slowing load times down.  

Building a Reliable, Protected Website 

In addition to ensuring speedy load times and high-functioning digital experiences, BlackMesh and its performance tuning tools provide business continuity capabilities that will protect a website or application from any worst case scenario, like a cyberattack or natural disaster. 

Failure to invest in these types of solutions could result in data loss and downtime—both of which have costly side effects. The financial losses alone could sink a company—a 2020 study from Veeam put the hourly cost of downtime for high-priority applications at $67,651 per hour. Worse, many companies have yet to realize the importance of these solutions: According to a 2020 study from Mercer, 51% of global organizations don’t have a business continuity plan in case of emergencies. 

For websites built with BlackMesh, business continuity planning is never forgotten. If a server fails or database goes offline, BlackMesh’s high availability (HA) capabilities will step in and replace them with another, duplicated version of the data and infrastructure. This guarantees that systems are fully operational virtually all the time—more specifically, 99.999% of the time. 

In addition to HA, BlackMesh offers disaster recovery and managed or offsite back-up solutions. The combination of these solutions can help a website achieve extremely high levels of fault tolerance. For instance, if a system is disrupted, the disaster recovery solution immediately steps in and redirects a web application’s communications to the back-up systems. Once the issue is resolved, the solutions perform an automatic failover to the primary infrastructure so that end users never experience any disruption. 

Create Winning (and Cost Effective) Digital Experiences 

Maintaining a high-performing CMS environment is not an easy task and can cost time, money and other resources that would be better spent on other areas of a business. But with BlackMesh, site owners are able to cut down much of the added burden and costs of building effective applications within their CMS platform. Instead of building infrastructure from scratch, teams gain a platform and the added capabilities necessary to start building easy-to-use, streamlined and foolproof digital experiences that today’s customers crave. 

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