Contegix Launches Managed Services for Drupal on AWS

By Kenna Poulos

Starting this week, Contegix is offering a managed services solution for companies with Drupal sites on Amazon Web Services, enabling businesses to focus on delivering the best digital experiences to their users, rather than configuring website infrastructure.

Deploying a Drupal site on the AWS platform requires a fair amount of previous experience with both Drupal and AWS, so this isn’t a task for a junior member of your IT team. However, you don’t have to waste time and senior resources—our new services provide trusted management, access to resources, and 24x7 phone and online support for the entire process. Contegix’s support extends beyond a client’s core infrastructure and network, up through the operating system to the full Drupal-optimized LAMP stack. That means our team is ready to work with yours to fill managed services expertise gaps, troubleshoot complex issues that arise anywhere in the infrastructure, and ensure Drupal solutions run smoothly on AWS from deployment to full-scale operation.

The power of deploying Drupal sites on AWS resides in the platform’s trusted capacity provisioning to manage server usage, load balancing to avoid losing users to lengthy load times, application health monitoring to optimize site performance or alert the proper teams to issues in a timely manner, and database management to efficiently retrieve and store information without disrupting user experiences.

Our new Drupal-oriented services build on that value by allowing companies that choose Contegix for managed services to access our full-service Drupal application support on AWS. Further, Drupal solutions from Contegix can be fully customized to fit an individual company’s CMS requirements, as well as integrate with existing AWS infrastructure. As of initial launch, our compliance services (FedRAMP, PCI DSS, and HIPAA) are only available on Contegix’s BlackMesh Platform. That said, our experts are happy to advise clients who are seeking compliance through the AWS platform.

Contegix’s deep expertise in infrastructure for specific solutions, like Drupal, and platforms, like AWS, allows clients to focus squarely on innovation and growth. Digital companies that tap our new offering can focus on providing site visitors with exceptional user experiences while we install, configure, and manage Drupal solutions on AWS for them.

For more information about the new service please feel free to contact us!