Deploying Drupal on AWS: Don’t Go it Alone!

By Contegix

After more than a year where in-person interactions took a back seat to online interactions, users’ expectations for digital experiences are higher than ever. In fact, more than half of U.S. consumers (65%) now prefer their brand experiences to be online. To keep pace with more digital-first consumers, a growing number of organizations are turning to cloud services.

To address this major shift in consumer behavior, Drupal users are leveraging cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy websites that are faster, more responsive and highly available—even during peak traffic. From robust capacity provisioning and load balancing functions to application health monitoring and database management capabilities, AWS is a strong and reliable solution for even today’s most complex and demanding Drupal sites.

However, despite all the functionality AWS can unlock for Drupal users, there is one catch. The platform lacks Drupal management or administrative functions, meaning these critical, but often time-consuming responsibilities are left to the user. Deploying and managing a Drupal site on AWS is no small lift and can require a fair amount of previous experience with both Drupal and AWS to get it right.

But instead of wasting time or resources configuring website infrastructure in the cloud, developers and IT teams can tap into a managed services provider to fill in this gap. A trusted partner, such as Contegix, can efficiently provide all the solutions, resources and expertise necessary to build superior, cloud-based digital experiences. Here are the top benefits that a managed services provider can bring to Drupal deployments on AWS.

Trusted Management to Bridge Gaps in Expertise

The power of Drupal deployments on AWS lies in the platform’s capabilities that make websites more reliable and highly available by enhancing the performance and functionality of the content management framework. However, in order to maximize the benefits of the cloud, Drupal websites must both be configured properly in the deployment phase and then optimized for future management in order to meet the user’s specific requirements.

With Contegix, Drupal users receive just that. Our support extends beyond the Drupal user’s core infrastructure and network, and up through the operating system to the optimized LAMP stack. Our team of Drupal experts are prepared to fill in any managed services expertise gaps, troubleshoot complex issues that arise anywhere in the site’s infrastructure and ensure Drupal solutions continue to run smoothly on AWS from the initial deployment through scaling and continued operations in the weeks, months and years to come.

Access to a Catalog of Managed Services Resources

Our remote management offering allows IT teams and developers to not only take full advantage of the AWS platform’s load balancing, but it also provides access to Contegix’s full-service application support on AWS. This includes capabilities provided by our expert team to manage server usage, observe application health and optimize site performance while alerting IT users to any issues as they come up. Contegix also provides access to a suite of services via a dashboard that helps IT teams make the most of AWS database management, efficiently retrieving and storing information without any disruption to user experiences.

In addition, our Drupal solutions deployed on AWS can be fully customized to fit an organization’s unique CMS requirements, and also be seamlessly integrated with any existing AWS infrastructure. Further, BlackMesh is the only Drupal managed services provider to offer built-in compliance frameworks—such as FedRAMP, PCI DSS and HIPAA—for CMS product owners to choose from. And once in place, these frameworks ensure the compliance of an entire site or application before and after deployment—even for custom Drupal configurations over AWS cloud.

Round-the-Clock Phone and Online Support

With Contegix, Drupal users on AWS also gain peace of mind in knowing that a support team of experts is available 24/7 to troubleshoot any complex issues or fill any compliance and security gaps. This means that as soon potential website issues arise, the Contegix team will spring into action to re-configure, update or manage any Drupal problems on AWS.

Whether deploying a Drupal site for the first time, or porting over a highly customized website with unique requirements and needs, a managed services provider can help organizations of all sizes ensure their Drupal solutions run perfectly on AWS. Partnering with Contegix’s of experts to install, configure and manage Drupal solutions on AWS will allow IT organizations to spend less time managing website infrastructure and routine maintenance, and more time creating the best possible digital experiences for their users.

Learn more about how Contegix can help Drupal users unlock all the benefits of AWS cloud while reducing the infrastructure burden on IT teams.