How Around the Clock IT Powers Innovation

By Elizabeth Clor

Innovation is a pressure-packed, around-the-clock pursuit. Success often requires leaders driving innovation—and teams supporting them—to work long hours. In today’s always-on digital world, helping companies stay focused on innovation often requires an IT service desk operation that’s available whenever someone needs them—whether that’s at 2 pm or 2 am.

Reliable Service Desk That Works When You Need Them

Without a dependable IT service infrastructure, innovative organizations are left with vulnerable, unreliable and potentially disruptive platforms, applications and IT systems. The stakes are high for innovative companies, in particular, because they regularly depend on the unimpeded flow of code and data through complex IT architectures, digital platforms and cloud applications to advance projects—information that is crucial to innovation, competition and differentiation. 

For their part, IT teams supporting innovative companies need to work through regular tasks, like keeping websites running, and put in the extra work to prove they can be depended on to address ad hoc IT issues. Often, this means delivering reliable and agile service at all hours. Even with a strong IT support and security team, companies like Twitter or Garmin can fall victim to hacks and attacks. 

And while in-house IT service desks at innovative companies may be able to support a fluctuating volume of staff requests outside the confines of the traditional 9-5 workday, an outsourced service desk can purposefully be designed to be available at any time of day or night. By selecting an external partner to deliver IT service, companies focused on innovation can benefit from direct, informative and always-on assistance during critical events, like network disruptions or cloud migrations. Delivering trustworthy 24/7 IT service accessible with a single call, online request or email can simplify the backend IT operations necessary to advance innovation across sectors and within an organization.

24/7 IT Support Powered by Expertise

Every business with digital operations needs IT service regardless of the industry. However, context is key in delivering quality IT service to support innovation. In order to truly set an organization apart from a digital operations perspective, IT teams need to understand how to develop, integrate and maintain IT infrastructure, platforms, applications, software and hardware for specific workflows and industries—from government to retail to education to advanced manufacturing. They also need to know how to address industry- or workflow-specific IT issues when they arise.

As we’ve explored previously, while issues might vary depending on industry, outfitting an IT service desk to meet the evolving and changing needs of innovative companies operating across the enterprise requires:

24/7 availability: IT service should be available at any time to meet the demands of an innovative, around-the-clock work environment. An executive experiencing VPN troubles working late into the night in Ireland should be able to submit a request that is addressed immediately, even if a global company’s IT service team sits in Los Angeles. Regardless of a company’s scale and geography, IT service experts should be accessible and someone should be on standby to respond swiftly day or night to keep always-on digital operations running smoothly 24/7. 

Evolving knowledge base: IT service leaders managing people with a broad range of experience and expertise should consider codifying their skills into a centralized knowledge base. IT service leaders who maintain a working list of team skills and expertise areas can use it to inform staffing service desks in the best way to help innovative companies address IT requests quickly and thoroughly.

Comprehensive reporting: IT service teams should keep records of every request and IT issue that comes their way. They should measure performance and success with metrics, including the average time it takes to respond to, or resolve, an issue. After collecting and analyzing performance data, IT service leaders should use the findings to inform improvements and staff changes moving forward.

A Strategic Partner for What Comes Next

People and companies driving innovation often lean on intense hardware, software and web resources to make real, transformative breakthroughs happen. 

IT service operations designed to deliver effective, reliable and accessible expertise can help innovative companies solve critical problems swiftly. Organizations that decide to enlist an external partner can tap into the expertise and 24/7 availability of strategically staffed IT service desks while creating bandwidth for the organization’s in-house IT staff to focus on initiatives critical to powering massive data and workflows. 

Innovation requires grit, determination and, increasingly, a knowledgeable, versatile team ready to address any IT issue—whether it arrives at the service desk at 3 pm or 3 am.

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