Introducing Our NEW BlackMesh Platform for CMS Solutions

By Kenna Poulos

What is now a premiere managed service provider (MSP) for market leading application platforms, offering managed solutions across all industries, began with a goal of providing tailored hosting solutions and a couple acquisitions.

Contegix Legacy

Contegix began their Atlassian application hosting and support practice in a small St. Louis office in 2002. Their full range of services and expertise helped businesses realize the fullest potential of their Atlassian application suite. Since then, customers across the globe have come to rely on Contegix to keep their development teams productive. After substantial growth in the application lifecycle management (ALM) space, Contegix began expanding into additional markets. Specifically, Contegix set its sights on a HOT, developing market…Drupal, an open source platform for digital content development and management. In 2017, Contegix acquired BlackMesh, a leader in managed Drupal hosting solutions.

BlackMesh Legacy

Founded in 2003, BlackMesh opened with a mission to provide advanced technology and managed hosting services that can meet the unique needs of any organization. Following their first encounter with a client on Drupal 4 in 2007, BlackMesh began specializing in fully managed Drupal hosting services with on-demand technical support. The following year BlackMesh became a supporting partner of the Drupal Association and an active participant in the Drupal community.  Through regular sponsorships and presentations at Drupal camps and conferences, BlackMesh developed profound community involvement with exceptional leadership, exemplary customer service, and innovative solution development for over 10 years.

Investments in Development

BlackMesh developed a platform that delivered outstanding value and personalized service to customers and partners. Since acquiring BlackMesh, Contegix has made significant enhancements taking a great platform to the next level.

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency:  Contegix has expanded the existing team resulting in availability, performance, and scalability improvements. 
  • Advanced Ticketing System:  Ticketing efficiency and response time have improved substantially with the implementation of a full ITSM system.  This system includes automated workflows, ITIL standards enforcement, and integrations with additional systems used by Contegix engineers. 
  • Comprehensive Monitoring Platform:  The implementation of a new monitoring platform, team and processes (codename: Overwatch), enables Contegix to go beyond basic up/down server monitoring.  Custom monitors, dashboards and integration with our ITSM system will give us intelligent notifications and increased automation to resolve known issues with machine learning.
  • Automated Tool:  Investments in our automation tool, CASCADE, is a part of our ongoing commitment to provide customers with the resources they need to accelerate digital innovation.
  • Increased Expertise Workforce:  Consistently building our base of experts to continue providing high quality customer support and exceed overall market demands.
  • Upgraded Core Private Cloud Platform:  In 2018 Contegix began transitioning the existing Openstack clouds to VMWare infrastructure. This change will bring an industry standard, enterprise level platform with the support, integrations, performance and availability to meet the demands of any customer environment.
  • Public Cloud Support:  Significant expansion to our cloud offerings to simplify the administration and deliver integrated value with public clouds.
  • Advanced Drupal Management Capabilities:  Contegix engineers have identified the most useful tools for aggregating, monitoring, automating and testing all aspects of a large Drupal environment. These tools, along with the expertise to use them, are packaged into our Advanced Drupal Support offering. Some of the tools that are integrated and included with the offering are:
    • Elk Stack: Log Data Aggregation Analysis Server
    • SALT Stack: Configuration & Management Server
    • CASCADE: Automated Deployment Tool
    • Percona Monitoring and Management Tools: Application Performance Monitoring  
    • Flood.IO: Cloud Load Testing

Contegix Now

Contegix now offers new solutions for applications that run on popular Content Management Systems (CMS) including Drupal, WordPress and Magento. All solutions are provided on top of the company’s BlackMesh Platform, which includes the signature BlackMesh Managed Services, as well as additional offerings that include services we’ve invested in and developed.

Contegix’s leadership team is dedicated to exponential growth through implementing innovative technologies and solutions. This undoubtedly correlates with the demand for the company’s application specific services, an increase in partnerships, and superior security standards. Because of this dedication, Contegix has distinguished itself as an integral player in the industry.

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