Key Elements for a Successful Drupal Migration

By Megan Berkery

From leveraging the advanced features of the latest Drupal version to needing to switch from WordPress or another content management system (CMS), migrating content to Drupal makes sense for any number of reasons. However, content managers should take into account a few factors that will ensure the process runs smoothly. Here are a few key elements to consider for a successful Drupal migration.

Prepare with Appropriate Updates

When switching from another CMS to Drupal, it’s important to prepare the site configuration and content with the correct updates. Developers should verify any tools or accessibility required for the migration, including database and file access. Individuals who are migrating their content to the latest version of Drupal should also verify how recently their current Drupal site was built. This is best accomplished by identifying and creating a list of contributed and core modules that have been enabled on their Drupal sites. These modules can serve as a checklist to determine which modules can be migrated based on factors such as availability and need. It is also a good idea for content managers or developers to update current Drupal sites, such as a Drupal 6- or Drupal 7-based site, to ensure it uses the most recent modules.

Decide on the Content to Migrate

Content managers can perform a content audit to determine the content that is ideal for migrating. Also, content managers should evaluate their content models to rank which content should be moved and the best method to migrate it. This helps to differentiate the content types that are most vital to the enterprise. In addition to considering data, content managers should discuss the content that is vital to migrate with stakeholders, such as administrative users.

Install a Clean Site and Migrate

While upgrading to previous versions of Drupal allowed for complete structures to transfer over, adopting a migration approach eliminates this need. Moreover, a platform transition needs content migration, which requires developers to install a clean site. For instance, migrating Drupal 7-based content to Drupal 8 calls for installing a clean Drupal 8 site. This is easy to complete using the user interface of the browser.

Migrate Drupal and Migrate Modules should also be enabled. Once a clean site is installed, developers can migrate configuration and content. However, keep in mind that configuration should only take place after the upgrade process is finished.

Leverage Expertise

Before migrating to Drupal, it’s important to consider the complexity of the content that needs to be moved. If developers lack advanced migration capabilities or the experience in handling a Drupal migration, they may not be ideal for the job; if this is the case, it may be time to bring in Drupal experts. Consider leveraging the expertise of a professional team of Drupal Sysadmins  who have content migration skills and experience, such as Contegix. By using Drupal experts, content managers can save time during the content migration process. That’s because Drupal experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience required for an agile and efficient migration. For example, Drupal developers with migration experience know how to customize migrations whether it requires renaming fields or writing process plugins tailored to the migration. By using Drupal experts when needed, the process for moving content becomes much more streamlined.

Final Thoughts

Migrating to Drupal doesn’t need to be a difficult process. In fact, certain steps when implemented properly can help streamline the migration process for success. Consider leveraging a team of professionals with Drupal migration experience. Contegix not only handles Drupal migration but can host and manage Drupal-based sites and applications. By putting these steps into practice, those enterprises, entrepreneurs or developers who need to move content to Drupal can look forward to a successful migration process that drive promising results. Contact us today to get started.