What can VPN connectivity mean to a multi-site organization?

You keep data on your business, employees, and customers. That data is a valuable to more than just you. Corporate espionage costs businesses worldwide over $500 billion a year. Keeping that data safe can be tough even with only one location. So when dealing with multiple sites requiring secure communications, the complexity is magnified. The… Read more »

Why is Contegix an “Atlassian Expert”?

“DIY” is a great way to save money, but any cost savings come at the price of your lost time. Instead of dealing with your business, you are hammering away at system issues and the 3am support calls. Managed hosting is a good way to save time and money on your end if you can… Read more »

Do Solid State Drives Fail More Often Than Hard Disks?

All disks eventually fail, whether they are hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid state drives (SSDs). But the two technologies fail in different ways. HDDs have spinning magnetic platters on which data is stored, and actuator arms that move read/write heads back and forth above tracks on the platters in order to access data block locations.… Read more »

Contegix Welcomes Sarah Green

Contegix is pleased to announce the addition of Sarah Green to our team. Sarah joined our St. Louis office today as our Office Manager/Administrative Assistant.  Welcome, Sarah!  We are so pleased to have you as part of the Contegix family.

Why Use Hybrid Cloud for Your Business?

Hybrid Cloud is a term that is tough to escape these days. It means using public cloud services (such as AWS or Azure) and a private cloud together in one combined environment. How can this help your business? Cost.  Public cloud is fast and inexpensive to scale out.   Private cloud is faster, but costs more up front.… Read more »

Contegix Adds IT Industry Leaders to Executive Team

The following Press Release was issued today announcing 2 new additions to our executive team. We are very excited about these gentlemen joining our team and the wealth of experience and talent that they bring with them. Contegix adds IT industry leaders to executive team Hosting and IT infrastructure provider hires senior vice presidents of product and strategy and… Read more »

SHA-1: What it is and How it Affects You

In a fully expected move over 2 years in coming, the major browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge) have announced they no longer support the SHA-1 cryptographic hashing algorithm, often used with SSL certificates. SSL Certificates are the piece in the web puzzle keeping everything secure, encrypting communications between a user and the… Read more »

Contegix Welcomes Barry Smith

Contegix is pleased to announce the addition of Barry Smith to our team. Barry joined the support team yesterday as our newest NOC Tech.

Contegix Welcomes Ian Wenckus

Contegix is pleased to announce the addition of Ian Wenckus to our team. Ian joined the support team yesterday as our newest NOC Tech.

Solid State Disks Gain Capacity Advantage Over Hard Disks

Until recently one of the factors that hindered the penetration of flash memory-based Solid State Drives (SSDs) into the corporate datacenter was their capacity deficit with respect to Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). Only months ago, at a time when 4TB hard drives were well established as commodity products, 1TB seemed to be the top of the range… Read more »