Channel Partnership Success with WDG

For Contegix, partnerships are about building relationships. We want to know the people behind brands that we rely on for our technology needs. We want to know the ins and outs of the companies that we recommend to our customers. Most importantly, we want them to know us, so they can recommend Contegix with confidence.… Read more »

Service Desk: What do we do?

The Contegix Service Desk is here to help no matter what your issue is. From password resets to updates, we have saved in-house IT teams from handling countless issues. However, the typical requests aren’t the ones that are the most interesting or noteworthy.  Our team has handled some issues that were, a bit outside of… Read more »

IT Service Desk: Why Management Reports Matter 

Maintaining an accurate IT Service Management database of Incident and Request tickets for customers provides valuable management information to all involved in an IT Organization.    Reporting on Service Level Agreements to ensure contractual obligations are being met is a key and an important indicator of the level of service customers should receive. Though, just as important, are… Read more »

Contegix named a Top Workplace in St. Louis

The following Press Release was issued today announcing that Contegix was named a Top Workplace in St. Louis by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Knowing that this is a result of employee survey feedback, we are delighted to receive this recognition. Contegix named a Top Workplace in St. Louis Technology company receives high marks from employees in… Read more »

IT Service Desk: The Importance of Continuous Training

IT service desks offer enterprises several benefits, from improving operational efficiency to reducing costs. However, these benefits wouldn’t be realized without an IT service desk team that receives ongoing training. Leveraging an IT service desk that values continuous training can give companies the edge when it comes to resolving IT issues and fulfilling service requests.… Read more »

5 Must-have Metrics for Your SaaS Business

There are many metrics you can track when evaluating the success of your SaaS business. However, these five metrics will give you a complete picture of the health of your business without overwhelming you with information. 1. Monthly Recurring Revenue The monthly recurring revenue(MRR) is the most important number you need to track as a… Read more »

5 Differences Between Help Desk and Service Desk

When a business needs help fixing IT-related issues, who should they call — the IT help desk or a service desk? Are the two really all that different in what they do? The answer is yes. In many ways, the service desk is an evolved version of the IT help desk, but knowing the differences… Read more »

Federal Cloud Computing: Public or Private Cloud?

The Capital Beltway is 64 miles of interstate surrounding Washington, D.C. Shaped as a loop (hence the “belt”), the Beltway has an outer circle and inner circle and runs contiguously with other major interstates. Unless you’ve driven on it, you may not know that the highway is typically congested with never-ending construction projects, poor driving… Read more »

FedRAMP Risk Management Framework

Click the four areas on this infographic to see how FedRAMP has simplified the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Risk Management Framework. Content loading… Please enable javascript!

Set-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Repositories

Managed Public Cloud

The application management and support industry changed when GitHub entered the game and completely transformed the way software is built. By combining and moving collaboration and code review into the development process, developers and software companies have been able to focus on other, more important things. Companies looking to effectively manage and customize their workflows,… Read more »