The Impacts of 5D Storage on Big Data

Storing data for a lifetime is now likely thanks to five-dimensional or 5D storage. Scientists at the London-based Univeristy of South Hampton made a technological data storage breakthrough when they produced a five-dimensional retrieval and recording method using extremely agile laser writing and nanostructuring in glass. This glass-based storage technology can solve IT pain points,… Read more »

Google Fuchsia: A New Open Source Operating System?

Mobile Devices

Recent reports show that Google may very well be creating a new open source operating system, dubbed “Fuchsia”.  Although not much official information is available, the project does have an official site and is also found on GitHub. According to Engadget, the Fuchsia operating system is “designed to scale all the way from Internet of Things devices through to phones… Read more »

Technology and Software: Opening Doors for the Disabled

Software and technology are opening many doors for individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities. Technology has made it possible for those without voices to obtain gainful employment. Software programs are also assisting others to communicate through artificial intelligence, text-to-speech devices or screen readers, and these advances in technology help to bridge the digital gap for… Read more »

Contegix Welcomes Eric Draves

Contegix is pleased to announce the addition of Eric Draves to our team. Eric is joining as our newest Cloud Developer and started his new role today.

The Role of Geographic Diversity in Disaster Recovery

In today’s high-tech business environment, the day-to-day operations of most companies rely on an intricate computer infrastructure. When disaster strikes and these systems become unavailable, the entire organization is immobilized. Weather emergencies, facility failures and power supply interruptions are just a few of the things that can go wrong, causing businesses to incur the massive… Read more »

Touch the Future: Coding for Haptics


In the past, eyes and ears got all the fun. Virtual reality (VR) headsets like the Oculus Rift took visuals to a new level and now they are finding applications beyond gaming, such as in education and architecture. More recently, augmented reality (AR) apps like Pokemon Go have spiked interest in layering digital content on… Read more »

SaaS Provides Freedom and Cost Savings

All those cloud services designated as acronyms perhaps still confuse you after recently jumping on the cloud bandwagon. The “as a service” part of it you likely understand, but things like SaaS, and others like PaaS or DbaaS, may perplex you on what they do. One thing you should know about all cloud services is that… Read more »

Data Security: Protect Yourself Against Ransomware Attacks

The University of Calgary recently paid $20,000 (Canadian) to criminals in order to regain access to its own data. The attackers had encrypted the files on the university’s computer system, and offered to deliver the encryption key required to unlock that data only if a ransom was paid. This was a prototypical ransomware attack, and… Read more »

What Data Centers Are Doing to Be More Efficient

Many companies look down on data centers for high energy usage, especially when they’re disconnected from the costs due to a cloud-based infrastructure. They forget that the companies behind the data centers are businesses too, and that they look for every possible way to improve efficiency and keep expenses down. The Natural Resources Defense Council… Read more »

Immersive Versus Augmented: What Is the Future of VR?

Where We Are In the world of virtual technology, the Oculus Rift, from Facebook, is a game-changer. For the first time, real, immersive, high-quality 3-D is available for the consumer at a price that, while still high, is not prohibitive. Content for the Oculus is limited, but new items are popping up every day. The… Read more »