10 Tips for Writing a Secure Cloud Computing Agreement

There were 736 million records exposed in data breaches in 2015, which was a record all-time high number. One reason enterprises turn to cloud computing services is for much greater security. Cloud services have far fewer vulnerabilities than on-site systems. Even with the added security advantages of the cloud, there is no such thing as too much… Read more »

IBM’s Watson Tone Analyzer: A Fascinating Tool

The IBM Watson Tone Analyzer offers exciting prospects for business and marketing. With this tool, Watson can analyze any text to determine its emotional tone. It looks at each sentence for specific types of language and patterns in order to help writers pinpoint areas in which emotion appears. Then, writers can edit their documents to… Read more »

Contegix Welcomes Doug Anstoetter

Contegix is pleased to announce the addition of Doug Anstoetter to our team. Doug joined the sales team today as our newest Account Executive.

Relational Databases

Managed Public Cloud

The old idea of a database has come a long way. The first database structures, database management systems (DBMSs), were based on a filing cabinet paradigm, with data largely stored on magnetic media. Relationship databases including TM/1 (standing for “Table Manager”) is based on a multi-dimensional spreadsheet model where data is stored in memory or rapid-access media.  Data arranged in virtual cubes enabled structured queries that can… Read more »

Virtual Appointments: The Future of Healthcare

Doctor’s appointments for most people are dreaded inconveniences that interrupt their daily routines. Whether they must leave work in the middle of the day or secure a babysitter for a few hours, often times they are more of a hassle than anything else. It is likely that the inconvenient nature of doctors’ appointments are part… Read more »

How to Decide if VDI Is Right for Your Business

Virtual desktop infrastructure(VDI) allows companies to separate application processing and other computing from the individual machines in their offices. Many small- and medium-size businesses have switched to VDI as a way to make computing easier and less expensive. However, not all businesses need a VDI environment or can benefit from what it offers. Reasons Why… Read more »

The Purpose of the Cluster Manager in High Performance Computing

Cluster managers are crucial for managing the HPC cluster systems in businesses. These managers by definition are back-end GUIs, or graphical user interfaces, that control all of the computers and servers (known as nodes) within the actual cluster. These are the machines that give the commands to the computers as to how to manage what data,… Read more »

Sustainable IT: How Software Automation Helps Bring Order to Chaos

Automating software development is a timesaving method of efficiency that works to the advantage of businesses in all sorts of ways. To put it simply, automating software tasks simplifies the business day by taking care of all the smaller tasks, allowing business owners time to take care of tasks with higher priority. This generates much… Read more »

Technology and Schools: The Future of Education

Certainly everyone has heard stories of the “good ol’ days” where students walked 15 miles through a foot of snow to attend school. Upon arriving, students were expected to read long books and write tedious reports by hand. Members of older generations who tell these tales of their youth would be shocked to enter a… Read more »

Contegix Achieves EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Certification


The following Press Release was issued today announcing Contegix’s EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Certification. Contegix is proud to be one of the first companies to achieve this for our customers. Contegix, A Leading Managed Cloud Provider, Achieves EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Certification ST. LOUIS, Mo. – September 12, 2016 – Contegix® Hosting, a cloud computing colocation and managed… Read more »