Public Sector Drupal Sites Benefit from AWS Cloud But Still Have to Keep Compliance Top of Mind

By Elizabeth Clor

As the shift to online services pervades in the wake of the pandemic, cloud adoption in the public sector continues to accelerate. To keep pace with the demand for digital operations, more government agencies are looking to hyperscale clouds like Amazon Web Services to meet a growing array of cloud needs. One such need is improving website infrastructure to deliver improved digital experiences using a combination of Drupal and cloud. 

From NASA to the energy, transportation and justice departments, the majority of U.S. government websites today are powered by Drupal. However, deploying a Drupal site on the AWS platform is not a simple feat and can require a fair amount of previous experience with both Drupal and AWS. In addition, agencies hoping to tap Amazon’s global infrastructure of fast scaling and reliable services by hosting their Drupal sites over AWS cloud also face another unique set of challenges: the need to meet more complex and stringent security and compliance requirements

Rather than spend extensive time or resources to deploy their Drupal sites on AWS, government agencies can instead turn to a trusted IT support partner to seamlessly handle the process from start to finish. Contegix, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution, offers managed services and deep expertise in installing, configuring and managing Drupal solutions on AWS for public sector websites that not only want to reap the benefits of cloud, but also need to keep security and compliance top of mind. 

The Power of Drupal on AWS 

Using Drupal sites hosted on AWS, government agencies have been able to deliver incredible new digital services and experiences. One such example is NASA, which as an early adopter of Drupal on AWS, hosted the largest web-traffic event in U.S. government history with its live stream of the 2017 total solar eclipse that garnered 40 million viewers. 

Drupal sites like that are deployed to AWS (or other public clouds) can take advantage of the native capabilities offered on these platforms, such as improved webpage speeds and superior server management, in order to keep websites running faster and more reliably—even under heavy user traffic. 

With Contegix, government agencies can take deploying their Drupal sites on AWS one step further: unlocking all the benefits and capabilities of the cloud, without giving up the personalized attention of a Managed Service Provider. Contegix enables these sites to do more than just tap into the AWS platform’s trusted capacity provisioning to manage server usage and load balancing, it also monitors application health to optimize site performance and alert IT teams to any issues. Contegix can also help government IT teams to maximize AWS database management and efficiently retrieve and store information, without disrupting user experiences. 

From Better Performance to Ensuring Security and Compliance

Contegix allows Drupal solutions to be fully customized to fit an agency’s unique security and compliance requirements, as well as integrate with any existing AWS infrastructure during site migration. In addition, a team of experts are available around-the-clock to troubleshoot any complex issues that arise or fill any compliance and security gaps. 

From simple deployments to highly custom websites with unique security and compliance needs, the right managed services can help the public sector ensure Drupal solutions run smoothly on AWS. A trusted partner with deep expertise in Drupal and AWS can allow government IT teams to spend less time on ensuring website infrastructure, and more on innovation and growth of public sector digital services.  

Want to learn more about how Contegix can help public sector Drupal sites reap the full benefits of AWS cloud, from improved website performance to enhanced security and compliance? Please contact us for more information.