Self-Managed Technology Stack for Drupal: Is this DrupalOps?

By Solomon Gifford

So, you use Drupal, but you're not hosting on a dedicated Drupal platform. You’re either managing your own infrastructure or you’re running Drupal on the public cloud. What do you call what you're doing?

No seriously! How would you describe what you do? And I’m not talking about contributing to the Drupal codebase or related modules. How do you describe the management of your technology stack and CI/CD pipeline?

When Drupal was in its infancy, [most of us] weren’t playing with containers, running headless Drupal, thinking about serverless computing, or implementing IaC (infrastructure as code). The cutting-edge teams were using Jenkins or a collection of home-grown scripts to automate their CI/CD pipeline, but most teams were looking for that no-ops solution where they could focus on development and offload the rest of the responsibilities. This gave rise to the Drupal Hosting partners—BlackMesh through its white-glove support model and Pantheon and Acquia through their automated, yet opinionated (depending on perspective), platforms among others.

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