Service Desk: Why First Contact Resolution Matters

By Kenna Poulos

IT service desks offer a wide variety of services that can help organizations keep their businesses running smoothly when issues occur. However, addressing the same issue multiple times can become a nuisance. It wastes time and money, which is the opposite of what any enterprise is trying to accomplish. It’s important to complete what needs to be done the first time around with a goal of achieving first contact resolution (FCR). This metric is helpful for measuring how efficient an IT service desk is at getting work done right, the first time. Here’s why it matters:

1. First contact resolution saves time.

When employees have an issue, the IT service desk is typically the first responders to call. However, it can take time to get issues resolved if your FCR rate is low. When a company uses an IT service desk that focuses on FCR, time is saved for that company. That’s because a team that focuses on FCR can help right away. For example, Contegix 24/7 Service Desk enables companies to leverage help on-site or remotely any time of the day and on any given day. This round-the-clock support team focuses heavily on FCR, ensuring staff members are not waiting around for IT to get to their desk to resolve issues.

2. IT service desks can be a powerful partner in facilitating productivity.

Instead of looking at the IT service desk as “the fixer”, an IT service desk can serve as a powerful partner when implementing FCR as a best practice. IT service desks help to provide immediate support to enhance productivity. By fulfilling client requests, organizations can get issues resolved quickly. That means an in-house IT team won’t have to handle all of the company’s employees and client issues alone. FCR-focused service desks keep documentation, so they know what questions to ask the first time around to resolve many issues. For example, when you are not 100% sure what the problem is, they can ask you qualifying questions to narrow down the exact problem you are experiencing. This comes from come from experienced analysts, documenting specific instructions and scenarios that they have come across when solving these types of issues.

3. First Contact Resolution can improve quality.

With an IT service desk, organizations can improve quality. That’s because IT service desks are often staffed with a fleet of workers who have the skill and experience to identify and resolve issues that in-house or inexperienced IT workers may not see. This helps to add long-term value to the company and improve quality over time since experienced IT service desk workers can take action to prevent issues from happening on a recurring basis. This helps to facilitate consistent improvement for the company.

4. First Contact Resolution can save money.

IT services are not cheap. However, if your service desk delivers high FCR rates, your return on investment can offset these costs.  That’s because, when your staff as a whole, is able to get more done instead of waiting on their IT issue to be resolve, that translates into more revenue. No matter the department, FCR can save money in the long-run.

From enhanced productivity to improved quality, focusing on first call resolution offers several benefits. Thus, it’s vital for business leaders and IT managers to consider IT service desks that prioritize FCR. By opting for an IT service desk that values this IT best practice, organizations can improve their operations, enhance the customer experience and increase their bottom line profits.  At Contegix, we pride ourselves on always striving to deliver First Contact Resolution. Contact us today to learn more about how our Service Desk can benefit your business.