What can VPN connectivity mean to a multi-site organization?

You keep data on your business, employees, and customers. That data is a valuable to more than just you. Corporate espionage costs businesses worldwide over $500 billion a year. Keeping that data safe can be tough even with only one location. So when dealing with multiple sites requiring secure communications, the complexity is magnified. The most vulnerable point becomes the data in-transit between sites. Unencrypted traffic provides a broad attack surface, and most anything intercepted is readable. This security concern is often overlooked, with the focus instead being on the individual site security.

VPN Connectivity resolves the issue.Employees can be remote and work securely. Your various sites get securely tied together, with fewer hoops to jump through. It acts like an armored truck, protecting your data in-transit. This saves you money and time. Flexibility is increased for both you and your employees. The available attack surface is greatly reduced, and any traffic intercepted is unreadable and worthless.

Not all financial gains of VPN usage are immediately obvious. Having happy employees equates to better productivity and job satisfaction, boosting your long-term bottom line. Using a VPN provides employees the flexibility to work from outside the office when life interrupts. They can tend to a sick child and still work instead of calling in. Snowstorms no longer cripple the entire office. Work can be completed while stuck in an airport for a 3-hour layover. It can be done securely, protecting your data. Employee stress levels are lowered, boosting morale and job satisfaction.

VPN Connectivity can assist when hiring new employees as you grow. Found the perfect candidate lives 500 miles away? Soften the transition and get them up and running faster with a VPN. Alternately, the VPN allows them to remain in their hometown. Regardless of where in the world they live, they can perform work for your company.

Expanding your business for reasons of capacity, reach, or efficiency is costly. Limit the costs involved using VPNs. Expand rapidly using a smaller team. A VPN combined with a hybrid cloud solution provides an immediate, fully secure, local presence. It alleviates the massive costs of a new local data center or storefront. Expanding into multiple sites at once, tying it all together becomes greatly simplified. Greater security does not always have to come at the cost of convenience.

Deployed properly, VPN Connectivity can serve your business well for years to come. Allow our expert team to develop a strategy for securing your systems now with an eye towards future growth as well. Contact us today!