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Top 5 JIRA Plugins for Marketing Teams

JIRA is a powerful platform, but it doesn’t always hit the mark for your marketing team. If you find yourself in situations where you wish that JIRA had more flexibility and ability to support your marketing efforts, you need to explore this list of the top five JIRA plugins that cover everything from your customer… Read more »

Enterprise Apps in the Public Cloud

The public cloud offers many opportunities for enterprises, particularly those that have operated entirely on-premise in the past. However, moving existing apps into the cloud and adding new cloud-based solutions into the infrastructure can present significant challenges. Assessing Risk Not all enterprise applications are suitable for the public cloud. Industry regulations may require certain levels… Read more »

Let Contegix handle your Atlassian upgrades


When you are hosting your own Atlassian Apps, upgrades can be the bane of your existence. For those hosting them with Contegix, it’s a breeze…. because we do all the work! Here’s How It Works: From the customer, we request the following information prior to beginning: What specific instance do you want upgraded? (e.g. What… Read more »

SaaS Provides Freedom and Cost Savings

All those cloud services designated as acronyms perhaps still confuse you after recently jumping on the cloud bandwagon. The “as a service” part of it you likely understand, but things like SaaS, and others like PaaS or DbaaS, may perplex you on what they do. One thing you should know about all cloud services is that… Read more »

Data Monitoring – The Sentinel Of Your Software

How do you work within your communications backbone to supervise and monitor your IT systems? It turns out there is an app for that. Or more accurately there is a framework and way of tackling system awareness through data monitoring. Data monitoring is one of the most underrated functions in IT infrastructure and network management. It… Read more »

Atlassian Hosting Offers More Freedom, Fewer Surprises

Traditionally, web developers test and update software on their company’s own machines and then deploy it with a hosting provider. This can lead to inconvenient surprises when the hardware or operating systems aren’t exactly the same. An increasingly popular alternative is using Atlassian Hosting at all levels. A three-tiered production environment uses a development server, where… Read more »

5 Facts About the State of Enterprise Software

Mobile Devices

Enterprise software has changed drastically. Today’s workforce is more mobile and flexible than any generation of employees in the past, causing Enterprise software to adapt. Today’s software is more likely to be cloud-based, nimble and mobile than the clunky legacy versions of previous years. Enterprise software is defined as “any software used in large organizations.” For… Read more »

Five Tech Trends That Will Change How Business Is Done in 2016

Successful companies start with one great idea, but if the company fails to keep up with technology, that idea can easily fizzle into nothing. This means that, in addition to routine business practices, budding entrepreneurs must also stay on top of current technological trends. These can sometimes change overnight, but the following technology trends for… Read more »

The Top 5 JIRA Plugins for Agile Teams

For Agile development teams, tracking and managing the project backlog is crucial. Post-it notes tacked on a whiteboard are convenient for planning, but they won’t survive the length of a sprint. That’s why a project management tool like Atlassian’s JIRA is needed. It provides the bug tracking, release planning and project reporting features that teams… Read more »

Brute Force Attacks: Protect Yourself with Fail2Ban 

Malicious attacks happen against most anybody who connects to the internet.  They come from all over the world, 24 hours a day.  Some attacks are large, some are small, and others are very sneaky and go undetected.  A lot of attacks can be stopped by properly securing your network, firewall, and devices.  It won’t stop everything,… Read more »