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Contegix Volunteer Program: 16 in ’16

Up until a few years ago, I had always disliked the charity pictures of a company representative, usually the CEO or President, giving a big (in physical size) check to a charity representative. It seemed the opposite of what I had always been taught about helping others. One helped for one reason – because it’s… Read more »

Flying High with Contegix Support

25 years have come and gone since the first time I looked up at the sky and dreamed of roaring through it under my own command.  As with so many things we dream of when we are young, reality set in and prevented this goal from being achieved.  At long last, I finally gathered the… Read more »

It’s the Little Things

I have lately been thinking about everything we have built at Contegix. We have accelerated the pace of innovation significantly over the past 3 years. The changes are profound and reward our customers daily. I was reminded of this in how we addressed the leap second addition in 2015 vs. 2012. In the end, it comes down… Read more »

Companies To Admire

I was recently asked the question “What companies do you admire?” In the technology industry, it would be easy to pick the suspected companies – Apple, Oracle, eBay, Square, Atlassian. Many of these companies started as an idea, developed amazing cultures, and have grown to accomplish technical feats that have changed the world. Yet, my… Read more »

Customer Complaints Are Healthy

Having a successful business hopefully means having customer accolades and cheers. It also means customer complaints. Thanks to our amazing staff, we have very few complaints. Our internal scores and feedback mechanisms reiterate the happiness of our customer base. Yet, no company can escape customer concerns nor should they even try. I advocate that companies… Read more »

The Importance Of A Data-Driven Company Culture

Big data may be more than just the next big thing — evidence is suggesting there’s a link between companies that prioritize big data analysis and companies that outperform their peers.  Let’s take a look. The Economist Intelligence Unit released a survey showing that organizations that prioritize data collection and analysis were also likely to… Read more »

Why Do Some Startups Lose Their Culture of Innovation As They Grow?


Startups, by their very nature, have a reputation for innovation, new ideas, and fresh thinking. So how does today’s hot new startup become tomorrow’s stodgy, conservative corporation? We’ve previously discussed bridging the innovation gap and how to focus on the five percent that makes your company unique.  But why do so many companies lose sight… Read more »

Focus on the Five Percent


For most companies, 95 percent of what they do is what EVERY company has to do – build and service a customer base, human resources, accounts payables, etc.