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Data Monitoring – The Sentinel Of Your Software

How do you work within your communications backbone to supervise and monitor your IT systems? It turns out there is an app for that. Or more accurately there is a framework and way of tackling system awareness through data monitoring. Data monitoring is one of the most underrated functions in IT infrastructure and network management. It… Read more »

Hidden Costs of DIY Storage & Redundant Infrastructure: Part 2

Why would you pay for the cloud?  Why not DIY? One of the popular things around right now is DIY storage, NAS and SANs.  Prepackaged small-scale arrays in a box at the computer store.  There are countless “how to” articles on doing large-scale storage using open source software for minimal dollars.  In today’s business world, storage is… Read more »

Is the Public Cloud Right for Your Business?

Is the public cloud right for your company? That’s a bit like asking if you prefer slip-on shoes or lace-ups. The answer lies in what you intend to do with them. Is your team constantly building out new servers for testing and dev? Looking for a cost effective solution for storage of non-sensitive data? If that’s the… Read more »

5 Facts About the State of Enterprise Software

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Enterprise software has changed drastically. Today’s workforce is more mobile and flexible than any generation of employees in the past, causing Enterprise software to adapt. Today’s software is more likely to be cloud-based, nimble and mobile than the clunky legacy versions of previous years. Enterprise software is defined as “any software used in large organizations.” For… Read more »

How Hybrid Hosting Can Make SaaS More Functional and Reliable

Over the last few years, SaaS (Software as a Service) has become more and more popular among budget conscious enterprises. The SaaS model allows a business to avoid the expenses associated with building and maintaining its own hardware and software infrastructure. Instead, the company can subscribe to sophisticated software offerings housed in the cloud on… Read more »

Five Tech Trends That Will Change How Business Is Done in 2016

Successful companies start with one great idea, but if the company fails to keep up with technology, that idea can easily fizzle into nothing. This means that, in addition to routine business practices, budding entrepreneurs must also stay on top of current technological trends. These can sometimes change overnight, but the following technology trends for… Read more »

Why Application Hosting is Becoming the Norm for SMBs

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Though many professionals understand that application hosting has simple money-saving and productivity boosting benefits; there are other reasons that small and medium-sized businesses implementing application hosting in their IT strategy. Many businesses are still using systems, like legacy systems, that are difficult to integrate with new software and application platforms. While application hosting allows your… Read more »

Disaster Recovery and the 3-2-1 Backup Rule

In the ever-changing digital world there is one standard backup rule that remains a solid strategy for businesses and organizations to follow:  the 3-2-1 backup rule. First, make sure your saving up to three copies of your files—one primary and two backups. Second, store two on two different media types. Finally, use a source for offsite… Read more »

Object Storage VS Block Storage: Part 4

Comparing Object Storage to Block Storage Object-based storage uses widely adopted APIs for access. It can talk to multiple people concurrently. Due to them using widely-adopted methods, there are a bunch of existing applications that utilize those APIs so you can choose the one you like using the best. You have enough flexibility to create… Read more »