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The Pitfalls of Bargain-Basement Web Hosting

Every web hosting company is different. They can vary in a number of ways, from pricing and benefits, to their facilities and security standards. Some of these firms you may have never heard of; they’re flying under the radar but providing exceptional hosting services and solutions. Others may publicize well-crafted commercials featuring cute puppies or… Read more »

Five Technical Benefits of Managed Hosting

To be competitive, a business or organization must prioritize its mission – providing products or services to its clients or supporters. With today’s technology-centric business environment, these groups attempt to manage their IT infrastructure themselves. Unfortunately, too many get bogged down in the mundane, technical components, which can displace resources and efforts that could be… Read more »

4 Signs You’ve Hit the CSP Jackpot

You may have read the title and expected to see MSP instead of CSP.  Yes, there are Managed Service Providers, but when you are focused on utilizing the CLOUD to optimize your business wouldn’t you rather work with a Cloud Service Provider (CSP)? Instead of MSP, which could mean any myriad of Managed Services, let’s… Read more »

The 4 Keys to a Successful Migration to the Public Cloud

As an MSP we hear the same story at least once a week from a current or prospective customer, “Our board has mandated our use of public cloud.” If you haven’t already heard it, don’t be surprised when you do. There are multiple benefits of moving to the public cloud, but developing a clear strategy… Read more »

A Close Look at AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become commonplace as the backbone of many businesses’ infrastructure and offers a variety of uses, including being a means for acquiring big data computing and software development. Enterprises and developers can use AWS to create, deploy, run, maintain, and keep track of applications in the cloud. This public cloud computing… Read more »

Noctane Monitoring System

One thing anyone in IT will be familiar with are Metrics.  Data collected from the various applications, servers, switches, and other devices being used.  Evaluating things like cpu, memory, network, or disk usage over a length of time lets you spot trends and predict your needs.  They let you know where to focus your attention,… Read more »

Agile Methods Promote Speed & Flexibility

Agile Model

Agile processes for software development have been practiced for decades in various industries, but mainstream usage has escalated within the past few years. In summary, Agile replaces traditional comprehensive start-to-finish software development cycles with a series of “quick-hitter” releases providing an ongoing flow of new software features for customers. Advantage Of Agile Methods Traditional software design practices generated exhaustive specifications and… Read more »

Noctane Metric Graphing System

Metrics matter.  In fact, we believe empowering our customers with customized metrics based on their unique businesses and environments matters so much that we’ve recently expanded our Noctane Device Metrics tools.  In addition to providing access to the over 500 data points we collect per device per minute, and along with the ability to insert… Read more »

Flying High with Contegix Support

25 years have come and gone since the first time I looked up at the sky and dreamed of roaring through it under my own command.  As with so many things we dream of when we are young, reality set in and prevented this goal from being achieved.  At long last, I finally gathered the… Read more »

Agile Methods Impact More Than Software

Agile software development encompasses the rapid, flexible, and iterative processes increasingly used by software teams over the past 15 years. At its core, agile promotes parallel development and frequent software releases – from monthly to daily – allowing nimble responses to changing customer needs and demands. This is a drastic departure from traditional processes emphasizing rigid document-develop-test cycles resulting… Read more »