Communication Strategy: Cloud Computing and Your Employees

cloudIf your business is most like most in 2016, your management team is already communicating the current trend towards full data integration in the cloud. For some organizations, the technology roadmap this year is still a form of hybrid cloud computing as they hang onto older business IT systems. For other organizations, it’s as simple as using a nearly copy/paste approach, which looks like “pushing data from inside organizations as well as from Web platforms into cloud data ecosystems.”

Every organization needs to use a good communications strategy to help its employees understand how more IT systems will move into the cloud. This can include shutting down old systems, which may be familiar to employees. They may feel uneasiness, especially about how they will learn to operate new systems. They might not realize that cloud computing will mean that they will learn to use a new graphic user interface to manipulate data pushed in from your organization’s older IT systems.

Developing a Communications Plan

Write a plan that helps employees understand the stages in adopting cloud-based IT systems.

Be sure to minimize any IT jargon and keep your message simple.

Tailor your message for those you are speaking to.

The company as a whole should be informed of the many benefits of cloud computing and how it makes things easier for them.

First and foremost, tell your IT team that the cloud does not replace their jobs.

Make sure that billing understands the costs savings that come from migrating to the cloud.

Sales staff should know that they will now be able to access their data from anywhere. This will ease the stress of taking hand written notes on prospects and running back to the office at the end of each day to enter notes.

Moving to the cloud means that your business can scale up to larger subscriptions for data warehousing and for software licenses for business applications. If your business is growing by leaps and bounds, scalability is a huge selling point to explain to your executive team.

Moving to the cloud is a necessity to succeed in the business world. Pushback from your staff is inevitable because no one likes change. Once you take the time to explain all of the good that can come from this change, you will see that more people will jump on board. For more ideas on communicating cloud adoption with your staff, please contact us.