Why is Contegix an “Atlassian Expert”?

“DIY” is a great way to save money, but any cost savings come at the price of your lost time. Instead of dealing with your business, you are hammering away at system issues and the 3am support calls. Managed hosting is a good way to save time and money on your end, that is, if you can find a partner that’s an expert with the applications your company depends on. This is even more critical when dealing with more complex setups, such as the Atlassian software stack. Among other apps, Contegix is the expert in Atlassian hosting. How did we gain this title?


We have been partners with Atlassian since their inception in 2002. Our engineers have spent countless hours over the course of many years handling Atlassian products. We deploy it, migrate it, tune it, configure it, upgrade it, and troubleshoot it every day. We manage thousands of instances. They range in size from the small single operator, using one bare metal server, all the way up to multi-national corporations, serving thousands of employees and customers worldwide with a hybrid cloud.

We tie in 3rd party solutions, such as Okta, for authentication, and we help companies adhere to PCI and HIPAA compliance regulations. We encounter the common issues every day and know the common trouble-shooting steps.  When things traverse beyond the simple, we are familiar enough to deep dive into the problem. We even contact Atlassian support on our customer’s behalf, if need be. We know what information they want, up-front and what steps to perform reducing turnaround time. Our engineers further their education and stay on top of trends by working towards Atlassian certifications and attending Atlassian Summit.


Very little happens “by the seat of our pants”. We deploy things using standardized, documented procedures. Prerequisites are there, folder structures are the same, and data is placed in standard locations. Scheduled procedures are verified twice. Atlassian “Best Practices” are regularly reviewed and incorporated. Supporting applications like PostgreSQL are optimally tuned during install. Deployments happen quickly, upgrades go smoothly, and customizations are much easier to spot and migrate. Creating and restoring backups becomes simple to automate.

Deployment and troubleshooting becomes a much simpler affair due to this experience and standardization. It can be similar to a “Where’s Waldo” puzzle. When you first see one, it can be overwhelming. There’s tons of noise and chaff to dig through to find Waldo. What if Waldo was instead hiding in your family’s most recent holiday picture? Spotting Waldo here, takes almost no effort due to your familiarity with the photo. Being this familiar allows our engineers to easily “Find Waldo” when the need does arise.  All of this ties together to make Contegix an Atlassian expert partner, and the best way to manage your Atlassian stack so you can spend your valuable time working on your business.

Being an Atlassian hosting expert is no easy feat. We are proud of this achievement and even more so, for holding that title for 16 years now. So if you would like to relieve your Atlassian hosting burden, you can trust that you are in capable hands. Let your admins do the things like user creation, authentication/permissions, workflows, and space creations. Call us for the time-consuming, back-end stress. We’ll set you up with a fully optimized and secure environment. Contact us for expert Atlassian hosting!