Safe and Efficient Application Migration

We do a lot of migrations, some require additional work, but most are fairly routine.  That’s because our extensive experience, has allowed us to develop a solid process that helps get you migrated to Contegix Hosting in a safe and well tested manner.

With migrations, we can see diverse problems upon import. It can be anything from a vital plugin not working correctly, to the instance not “looking” correct, e.g. themes are changed, buttons are missing/in the wrong spot, or other similar cosmetic issues. Our system is designed to discover any potential problems in a safe way and help us work around them to ensure when your actual migration happens, it takes place without issue. You may want to include some of these steps in your process.

Contegix Application Migration Process

  1. We setup instances of your applications with same versions as the originating instances.
  2. Your team provides backups of the current instance.
  3. We import backups and ensure the instance is working and the import was successful.
  4. We install/update any plugins necessary to get the instance into the same shape it was in at the originating instance.
  5. Your team then reviews the instance, testing, load testing, basic usage, etc.  You are looking for any obvious program errors, corrupted/missing data, or any other oddities that come up.
  6. Once your team is satisfied with the results of the test migration, we schedule the final cutover, which also involves the DNS change.
  7. At the appointed time, your team provides fresh backups of the instances to be migrated.
  8. We perform the migration at the appointed time, get the plugins updated/installed, and release to your team.
  9. Your team goes through the instance again, making sure everything looks as expected and meets your needs and expectations. We troubleshoot any problems you find.
  10. At this point, the Contegix hosted instance is live.  Your team now begins the QA work to confirm this final migration was successful.

We have exercised this process with numerous customers, and it is the best way to ensure the most safe and efficient application migration possible. This is just one of the many ways we Go Beyond for our customers. If you have any questions about application hosting, contact us.