The following Press Release was issued today announcing our acquisition of Web Services in Kansas City, MO. We are excited about taking this step as a newly combined company. The acquisition of Admo allows us to expand our customer base and data center footprint.

Kansas City, MO – December 13, 2016 – Contegix announced today that it has acquired Web Services, LLC, a Kansas City based cloud and managed services provider. Contegix is the product of a recent merger between Contegix and Distributed Systems Services, Inc. (“DSS”) in a transaction financed by Strattam Capital, a private equity firm that invests in high-potential business IT companies.

Contegix is a leading provider of managed application hosting, cloud, and managed IT infrastructure solutions. Strattam Capital’s investment in Contegix pre-funded the acquisition of Admo, seeking to access the attractive Kansas City market, and the additional capacity represented by Admo’s infrastructure. The acquisition of Admo adds more than 60 customers to the over 700 already served by the combined company. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We believe that this is a real win for Admo’s customers,” said Adam Ward, founder and CEO of Admo, who will join the products and solutions team at Contegix. “With very little lead time, our clients will gain access to a much broader array of solutions with top-notch support.”

“This is an excellent first step forward for us as a combined company,” said David Turner, CEO of Contegix. “Admo has built a great relationship with the type of clients that we think are the perfect fit for the Contegix offering in a market that is a great complement to our existing footprint.”

“This acquisition was one we wanted to do before we had finalized the merger of Contegix and DSS,” said Strattam Capital Co-Founder and Managing Director Adrian Polak. “The additional capacity, added customer bandwidth, and pull of the Kansas City market made Admo the obvious first choice.”